Dietary Supplements in Dubai Why Registration is Essential for Market Entry

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Dubai is a top worldwide market for the sale and import of dietary supplements courtesy to a different population that is exceptionally conscious of safety and health. To guarantee the safety of the buyers, the UAE government has made it compulsory that the dietary supplements must with the Dubai Municipality before entering the UAE market.

The dietary supplements can as any liquid, powder, tablet, or capsule consumed through the mouth to help the nutritional diet like proteins, herbs, fats, and vitamins, etc. Such products must have a label that enables consumers to identify it as a health supplement.

The UAE government has made the dietary supplements product registration compulsory to ensure the health and safety of the consumers. One cannot import, sell, advertise, or distribute the dietary supplements without registration with the Dubai Municipality. Any product that is not registered with the DM will as a fake product and cannot enter the UAE market.

According to the DM product registration regulations, the dietary supplements must show a label that contains information about the country of origin and ingredients. In case the consumer experiences the symptoms of a harmful ingredient, he/she has the right to file a complaint against the manufactures.

What is the Process to Register Dietary Supplements Products in Dubai Municipality?

To register any product with Dubai Municipality, it is important to have a valid trade license. To register dietary supplements, one has to set up a new company in Dubai or can make an agreement with the licensed trading company in Dubai. Under the licensed trading organization, the investors can appoint the distributors and importers to have control over the product. Following are the steps to be followed to register dietary supplements products with the Dubai Municipality:

1. Application Process at the Dubai Municipality 

The initial step is to apply with the DM. A representative of the company can process the application. Seek assistance from a product registration expert to make the process hassle-free.  

2. Submitting Relevant Documents 

The representative of the company must submit the documents to the Dubai Municipality including the trade license copy and label assessment. The label assessment is compulsory as the Dubai Municipality checks the label of the product that must contain the key information including the country of origin and ingredients.

3. Approval of the Product 

DM will check the documents after the submission of the application. Dubai Municipality will review the product ingredients and other information shown in the label that must comply with the Dubai Municipality standards. If the compliance is guaranteed, at that point the registration of the product will be approved.

4. Reasons for Rejection of the Product 

DM will reject the application for registering the dietary supplement product if it finds the product does not comply with its guidelines. Following factors could be the reasons for the product rejection:

  • If the product contains banned ingredients
  • Label information is incomprehensible
  • If the ingredients are not shown on the label
  • Ingredients are written in languages other than English, Arabic
  • Misleading Information
What are the Documents Required for Registering Dietary Supplements Products in Dubai?
  • Trade license copy
  • Product label
  • Product artwork
  • Address
  • Contact details
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Dubai is a profitable market for dietary supplements that may enhance the development possibilities of manufacturers, distributors, and importers. Even though Dubai is business-friendly jurisdiction, the regulatory necessities here are stringent. UAE government gives priority to the health and safety of the consumers. The businessman must seek assistance from the product registration experts who are knowledgeable in the local laws and regulations.

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