Health Supplements Registration in Dubai

Health Supplements Registration | Dubai | UAE

Dubai is one of the most dynamic international trade center points; a huge number of products are import and export regularly. The Government of the United Arab Emirates has settled an assessment system to guarantee the customer safety accompanying with the product they are consuming. To ensure the safety requirements, each product in health supplements requires the registration certificate from Dubai Municipality (DM).

Before beginning an import of health Supplements registration in Dubai, it is obligatory to register health supplements in Dubai with the Dubai Municipality as a department responsible for the enrolment of health supplements in Dubai. Once the health supplements enrolment has been finished, a product can enter to the United Arab Emirates with no issue.

Register Health Supplements in Dubai

Health supplements are classified as” any product which is being taken by mouth containing components to improve the nutritional diet, like fats, herbs, minerals, proteins, and vitamins which can be formularized as powder, capsules, tablets, liquids or in some other type of food containing a tag which is signifying it as a health supplement yet not ordinary traditional food”. Companies who have a permit in food supplements trading can also apply for Health supplements registration.

The initial step to begin the registration of the health supplement in Dubai is to enlist the company with the DM. When the company registration is completed with Dubai Municipality (DM) then registration of a health supplement can be started. It requires a list of documents from the manufacturer from the authorized laboratories, the time duration that is required to complete the process may differ between 60-90 working days, however, sometimes, the time duration relies upon the correctness of the documents and the method to file the application. It is a bit tricky, so you must hire an expert who can assist you to register your health supplements products this way you can save the cost and time.

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