Herbal Harmony Achieving Compliance with Dubai’s Dietary Supplement Labeling

Herbal Dietary Supplement Registration | Dubai | UAE
Herbal dietary supplements are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Regulations ensure that the herbal dietary supplements meet the manufacturing standards and that an informative and accurate product label is applied. The labeling of the product can be complex. If you are looking for herbal dietary supplement registration in Dubai, you must know the labeling requirements of the product.

Here are a couple of the basic things herbal dietary supplement product labels must include:
  • Statement of Identity
  • Supplement facts
  • Product quantity
  • Ingredients and Allergen Statement 
  • Manufacturer, distributor, or packer’s name and address
Front of Herbal Dietary Supplement Product

The following must include in front of the product:

  • Brand name: Trusted companies putting out the herbal dietary supplement.
  • Claims: Health and well-being claims might be made as long as the claims are truthful and not misdirecting, are documented by scientific information, and do not profess to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or indications of disease.
  • Product Net Quantity: Total amount of contents in the package or container, in weight, numerical count, liquid measure (volume)
  • Statement of Identity: The statement of identity is a way to guarantee purchasers can identify the product as a dietary supplement. An herbal dietary supplement should include the term, “dietary supplement” or “herbal supplement”
Back of Herbal Dietary Supplement Product

The following must include in the back of the product:

  • Usage directions: Instructions for how to best take the supplement should be prominently highlighted. 
  • Allergen Statement: The label should include a food allergen proclamation if the product contains any significant foods allergens, that are currently identified as soybeans, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, crustacean, fish, eggs, and milk
  • Traceability: The mark will incorporate a Lot Number as a quality control measure for discernibility. 
  • Warning: Any advisories or pertinent information about the supplement
  • Expiration Date: The product must be used before the expiration date
  • Disclaimer: If a case a claim is made that portrays how an ingredient can affect the normal structure/function of the human body, the manufacturer should notify the Food and Drug Administration of the claim within a month of bringing the product to the market 
  • Name and Address: Manufacturer, distributor, or packer’s name and address
Supplement Facts Panel on Products

The following must include in the Supplements Facts

  • Serving Size: The Serving Size is the recommended amount to take at one time.
  • Amount per Serving: Certain nutrients be mention (e.g., absolute calories, iron, calcium)
  • Percent Daily Value (%DV): Indicates the level of suggested everyday intake.
  • Ingredient: name of each ingredient must be mentioned with the total weight.
  • Other Ingredients: When there are present ingredients in quantities which are greater than 2% used for the manufacturing of the product. Must be mentioned underneath the supplements facts. If the present ingredients in quantities are less than 2% are not required to be listed but the statement “contains less than 2% of” is adequate. These ingredients are inactive but have a great role in the formulation.
  • Standardization: Standardization is a procedure that manufacturers can use to guarantee batch-to-batch consistency.
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