Food Product Label Assessment Services in Dubai

Food Product Label Assessment Services | Dubai | UAE

Food product registration procedure in Dubai is managed by the DM (Dubai Municipality) through its electronics food import and re-export system program. This department has the right authority to check the product’s labeling and conduct lab tests for examination. There are a few steps which must be followed for the approval of labeling on food products this includes registration of barcodes, packaging, and lab test.

Registration of packaging barcode

It is mandatory to register the barcode of packages; packages that are of the same products must have a similar barcode.

Lab test

The next step is the lab test. It is important to test a sample of food products by the Dubai central laboratory.

The following information should be on the labeling of the food products. 
  • Barcode
  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Ingredients
  • Production date
  • Expiry date
  • Storage conditions
  • Batch/lot number
  • The volume of net weight
  • Country of origin
  • Product Image
  • Manufacturer, importer, or distributor name
  • Nutrition facts
  • The label must be in the Arabic language, if the label is in other languages it should be translated into the Arabic language
Following are the rejection reasons for food labeling.

Product labeling is a compulsory procedure and in case if there is a mistake or lack of information in the procedure will result in the reasons for rejections of the complete product registration. Although it’s essential to avoid these mistakes which may be the result of rejection from the authority.

  • If the ingredients of the product are not mentioned
  • If the information on the label is difficult to read for the consumers
  • Non-approval from MOH
  • Non-food items like supplements and cigarettes
  • Using banned ingredients in the products
  • If the ingredients are mentioned in a language other than Arabic or English
  • Using any appropriate religious sign or picture
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