What is Regulatory Affairs?

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Regulatory affairs is a profession created from the desire of governments to secure public health by controlling the efficacy as well as safety of products in locales including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, medical devices, agrochemicals, veterinary medicines, as well as complementary medicines, and by the companies liable for the discovery, testing, manufacture, and marketing of these products needing to guarantee that they supply products that are safe as well as make an advantageous contribution to public health and welfare. A new class of professionals emerged to deal with these regulatory matters for companies.

Responsibilities of regulatory professionals
  • Monitoring the ever-changing legislation in all the locales in
    which a company wishes to distribute its products
  • Giving advice on legal, scientific as well as requirements
  • Collecting, collating as well as examining scientific data
  • Introducing registration documents to regulatory organizations and completing any subsequent negotiations important to gain or maintain marketing authorization for the concerned products
  • Offering vital and specialized guidance at the most significant level in their companies, making a significant contribution both commercially and scientifically to the accomplishment of a developed programme and the company overall
  • Assisting the company to avoid issues brought caused by badly kept records, inappropriate scientific thinking or the poor introduction of data.
  • Also, the regulatory affairs department will generally take part in the development of product marketing ideas as well as is ordinarily required to affirm packaging plus advertising before it is used industrially.
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