Registration of Intellectual Property in the UAE

Registration of Intellectual Property | Dubai | UAE

Ministry of Economy is the adequate authority to protect and register an intellectual property in the United Arab Emirates.

Trademark: A trademark is any differentiated forms of names, signatures, words, figures, letters, logos, titles, graphics, seals, hallmarks, patterns, seals, pictures, packs, announcements or other marks or group of marks if they were used or planned to be used either to differentiate services, products or goods from whatever sources, or to show that specific services, products or goods belonging to the owner of the trademark, in light of their provision, selection, manufacturing or trading. assembling. The voice following a trademark is viewed as a part of it.

Documents required for Trademark Registration
  • Trademark logo
  • Trademark registration certificates only if it’s registered in another country
  • Commercial license copy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Applicant certificate of incorporation (only for corporate applicants)
  • Passport copy of the applicant
Who is allowed to register a trademark?
  • The UAE residents, artificial and natural persons practicing any industrial, professional, commercial or service business
  • Foreigners, artificial and natural persons practicing any industrial, professional, commercial or service business
  • Foreigners, artificial as well as natural persons practicing any industrial, professional, commercial or service business in any nation on basis of reciprocity
  • And other artificial persons

Copyrights: As per Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 on Copyrights as well as related rights, intellectual work is any original work in the areas of arts, literature or science, whatever its description, purpose or significance, a form of expression. The accompanying intellectual works are secured under copyrights law:

  • Articles, booklets, books, and other literature
  • Computer applications and software, databases
  • Sermons, speeches, and lectures
  • Musicals, plays as well as pantomimes
  • Musicals which are accompanied and not accompanied by dialogue
  • Audio, video or audio-visual works
  • Architectural work, plans as well as drawings
  • Paintings, drawings, sculptures, screen printing, lithography, screen printing, reliefs and intaglio prints etchings as well as other related works of fine art
  • Photographic work as well as the likes
  • Works of plastic and applied art
  • Maps, charts, plans, 3-D modeling for topographical and geographical applications as well as architectural designs, etc.
  • Derivation works, without preconception of the protection recommended for the work(s) from which they are based.
Protection may involve the title of the work, in case of innovative, and the written innovation broadcast program.

Patents: As per by the Federal Law No. 31 of 2016, declared by Law No. 17 of 2002 on Regulation as well as Protection of Industrial Property of Designs, Patents, and Industrial Drawings, patent protection in the United Arab Emirates is conceded for any new invention resulting of an innovation improvement or innovation idea in each field of technology, given that such an innovation or idea improvement has a scientific premise and is appropriate. An invention may be regarded industrially appropriate in its per broadest term in case utilized or used (in similar fields as fisheries, agriculture, services, and handicrafts) E.g. of patents which are not protected include:

  • Explores, plant as well as animal species, and biological techniques for animal production and plant except for microbiological methods as well as their products.
  • Diagnostic treatments, methods and surgical operations required for animals as well as humans.
  • Mathematical as well as scientific principles, methods, and discoveries
  • Rules, methods or guidelines followed to conduct business, play games or perform mental activities
  • An invention that shall lead to an offense of public morals or order
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