Guide to Trademark Registration in UAE

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Trademark being the identity of a business or corporate entity is an important asset. MSZ corporate services provider provides guidance as well as professional advice for protecting the trademark of our customers and also informing them of their obligations, rights, and privileges rising out from the ownership of the trademark. MSZ corporate services provider also offers services such as a selection of the brand name, clearance search, mottos, symbols as well as packaging. MSZ corporate services provider will assist you in trademark registration in UAE and ensure that you get the best services.

We are effective with the process for enlisting trademarks with the related authorities inside the United Arab Emirates and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nations to the enforcement of one’s trademark in the law court.

MSZ corporate services provider offer services that differ from enlisting Intellectual Property to the enforcement of your rights against the globe of infringers. MSZ corporate services provider offer the best services to our customers and dealing with all follow up from the government department involved with the Trademark registration.
Initially, a search is conducted in a related class of goods as well as services. If the mark is accessible for filing application is filed referencing detail description of goods as well as services as per related classification. After that, the file is analyzed by the examiner of Trade Marks who looks at the application with existing trademarks and requirements under the law and if there is no objection on the part of the examiner the same is approved for publications. After approval of an application by the Registrar of trademarks, it is published in trademarks journal as well as local Arabic newspaper. There is a 30-day time frame for any interested party to file an opposition against the published trademarks. If any of the opposition is not present, the published trademark will continue to registration and the certificate of enrollment will be issued.
Registration Validity:
The Registration of Trade Marks is valid for 10 years from the date of filing and further renewable for other consecutive periods, each of which is 10 years.
Renewal Time:
Application for Renewal must be submitted during the last year of the protection period. There is 3 months grace period for late renewal upon payment of the fine.
Trade/Service Mark Use:
A trademark is vulnerable for cancellation by any interested party, who may show that the trademark was not used for five consecutive years.
Advantages of Trademark Registration in UAE:

1. Greater Protection

  • Registration protects a company’s name or logo
  • The owner of the trademark receives exclusive nationwide as well as sometimes regional ownership of the mark
  • Registration decreases the likelihood of another party claiming that your trademark infringes upon their trademark
  • Registration provides official notice to others that a trademark is already taken.
  • The trademark owner obtains the future right to make the mark “incontestable,” which provides conclusive evidence regarding the validity of the mark and of the registrant’s exclusive right to use the mark.

2. Greater Control

  • The trademark owner gets the right to use a, after the mark, alerting others to your registration and also preventing the defense of innocent infringement
  • The trademark will appear in trademark search reports ordered by others, likely discouraging others from proceeding with the registration of the same or similar mark

3. Greater Remedies

  • Registration grants the trademark owner the right to recover up to triple damages and attorney’s fees from an infringer
  • Owner of the trademark receives the presumption of being the valid owner of the mark
  • Registration increases the likelihood of the successful filing of a dispute resolution policy for an infringing internet domain name
  • The owner of the trademark has an automatic right to sue in court
Document Required:
  • Name of the applicant company, with address
  • Trade license copy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trademark copy
  • Passport Copy of person signatory on behalf of Company
  • In case of claiming priority, a certified copy of the corresponding home or foreign application duly legalized from relevant consulates
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