Dubai Offshore Company Setup Simplifying the Process for Global Entrepreneurs

Offshore Company Formation Service | Dubai | UAE

Dubai offshore formation can benefit you to run your business or asset ownership in the United Arab Emirates in the most cost-effective way. Especially because you sidestep the full of hassle process of having the offshore incorporation company setup of documents attested by numerous embassies and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There is the minimum requirement of a shareholder, one shareholder can do. There is no need for the public register but the registered agent must preserve a shareholder register at a listed office. A minimum number of directors is required, only one director can work. There is no limit for minimum capital however recommended is 1000AED.

For your offshore company incorporation in Dubai, we at MSZ corporate services provider offer our service at a very competitive offshore package. This includes services for operating your business for you, we also provide services like entering into agreements, renting office space for you, drafting contracts and offering investments, taxation and bank account opening. For you to open your Dubai offshore company you would need a service agent, Choose us your service agent and you will be provided excellent professional service. We would act as a link between your offshore enterprise and the government authorities of Dubai. We will maintain and ensure 100% privacy of your business.

Advantages of Dubai offshore company 
  • Offshore company in Dubai as no taxes of any kind and no tax department
  • There is no filing of account requirements for Offshore company in Dubai
  • There are no taxation information exchange contracts with other countries with an Offshore company in Dubai
  • Offshore company in Dubai has no public record of directors and shareholders
  • Offshore company setup has strong legislation that guards the confidentiality of investors
  • Dubai offshore company has no public register of shareholders and directors limitations
  • A Quick and easy process of Dubai Offshore Company formation
  • Offshore company formation offers Tax-Free economy with no capital gains, no company or income tax
  • Offshore company in Dubai offers Simple reporting and regulatory requirements
  • Offshore company in Dubai is suitable for any nature of international business
  • Offshore company in Dubai offers the different option of investment like assets, real estate, cash, shares, etc.
Dubai offshore company formation

Dubai offshore company formation can be done with easy and simple steps. The following are the requirements and documentation of an offshore company formation in Dubai.

  • Offshore company formation needs notarized Passport copy
  • Need proof of residence for example 2 x utility bills, original telephone bill not late than 3 months
  • An original bank reference letter in English
  • Original Bank reference letter
  • Name and optional names of the company of your choice
To open a bank account for an offshore company in Dubai following are the requirements:
  • Incorporation certificate of the company
  • Company’s Memorandum and Article of Association (MOA/AOA)
  • Copy of Passport of the shareholder (if required, signatory’s original passport will be seen)
  • Certificate of Shares, In case of share percentage, is not mentioned in MOA or AOA
  • Copy of the password of the ultimate beneficiary (If any)
  • Passport entry stamp page of signing authority’s when he/she visited last time in UAE
  • Copy of Visa of signing authority (if he/she is a resident of Dubai, UAE)
  • Shareholder’s company documents may require after legal, notary and MOFA stamping (In case of Corporate shareholdings structure)
Why Dubai offshore company

There are numerous reasons to choose a Dubai offshore company some of the major factors are listed under:

  • Anonymity, confidentiality and the highest level of privacy protection by setting up Dubai offshore company
  • Another major reason is asset Protection
  • No or very low accountant costs
  • Business can be conducted internationally (You may be able to Invoice international clients)
  • The facility of Corporate Bank Account
  • An offshore company can act as an intermediate party in any transactions of your Company with any other foreign Company or companies
Different Use of Dubai Offshore Company

As most different companies an offshore company may go into contracts, open bank accounts, buy and offer different items and services, possess property. A common offshore element otherwise called an International business company or an offshore IBC and it does not pay taxes in its home country.

Following are the famous type of companies that can be the uses of an offshore entity:

International Trading:

A trading organization can build up itself in an offshore territory. The offshore company would take orders specifically from the clients and have the goods carried directly to that client from the producer or place it was obtained. The benefits emerging out of the distinction between price and deals cost would then be collected in an Offshore Company bank account.

Professional Services:

Likewise, you can start your consultancy or guiding the business by utilizing an offshore company. You will find it less demanding to deal with your company and will have diminished or even zero tax collection relying upon the area or jurisdiction being referred to.

Property Owning Companies:

There are various great reasons why the utilization of offshore organizations has turned out to be so famous when purchasing a property in Dubai. The clearest reason would be the skipping of complicated inheritance procedures.

A company does not pass on. If your property is held in a minimal effort offshore company, you (and your business partner(s)) can claim the shares of it as you see fit. So as opposed to having your name on the title of the property you can have a company name. In the event of any instability/unanticipated, the greater part of your property and bank record will be solidified until a sharia court request is issued by the local courts.

As a UAE property financial specialist, we do prescribe to purchase the property OR putting resources into any Company under the name of an offshore company. In an event of unforeseen, your family won’t endure. At the point when the proprietor offers the property; a specific rate of its esteem may charge by the power. The exchange charge can be effortlessly maintained a strategic distance from by offering the Company itself.

Investment Companies:

Individuals who need to put their cash in various tasks and they would prefer not to reveal to somebody, can start or incorporate an offshore company, and after that this offshore can invest in various ventures. An offshore company can hold shares of different organizations in the UAE or abroad.

Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents:

There are different types of Intellectual property rights (copyright or trademark). These rights or trademarks can also be registered in the name of an offshore company in Dubai. The company may also sell or buy this type of rights to other individuals or companies.

Holding Companies

Dubai offshore companies can be used as a holding company where individuals and companies can manage their businesses under one holding structure.

It can be a challenge for many individuals when it comes to the offshore company formation procedure in Dubai. One should have a business consultants to assist and guide them. To register your offshore company in Dubai, Click Here to Contact MSZ or Email to