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Dubai has built up itself as the main business area in the Middle East and it offers a focal point for business opportunities. The city offers a strong as well as a developing economy, a tax-free business environment, economic diversity, a proficient workforce, financial stability, and great business opportunities.

Today many investors are visiting Dubai to build up their business. Additionally, it offers access to more than 2 billion population in three different areas of the world. Its simple geographical area offers access to more than 140 ports in six different continents. In addition, Dubai is one city in the entire UAE that houses the greatest number of free zones. Because of the tax-free nature of its business zones, the expense of setting up a company in Dubai is cheap which attracts a maximum of entrepreneurs to Dubai.

These factors make Dubai an incredible place to set-up a business. With no difficulty, all you need is the business setup consultants in Dubai.

MSZ corporate services provider – Best Business Setup Consultant

Setting up a business in Dubai is simple and smooth however it includes understanding the difference between company formation as well as business set up in Dubai mainland and Freezone. Furthermore, you need to submit other legal formalities.

MSZ corporate services provider is a corporate and business setup specialty firm offering a wide range of services, such as Business Setup Solutions, Regulatory Affairs, Product Registration, PRO Services, Customs Registration, Liquidation, Tax Residency Certificate Processing, VAT Registration, Documents Attestation Internationally, Trademark Registration, Copyright, Accounting & Book Keeping, HR Consultancy, Provision of Virtual Office, Local Sponsor, Bank Account Opening. We assist you with setting up your business quicker, smoother and simpler.

Our Business Setup services

Bank account opening: We assist newly settled companies in opening a bank account in the United Arab Emirates. We assist you with the complete process of bank account opening in Dubai right from the initial paperwork to meet all the various bank requirements.

Documents Attestation Internationally: Starting a business in Dubai requires each document to be authorized as well as assisted by the MOFA of the United Arab Emirates. MSZ corporate services provider assist you to attest your documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, educational certificates, medical reports, commercial documents, wills, affidavits, POA, All Other Documents and Certificates

Local Sponsor: For a foreigner, wishing to set up a business or a company in Dubai, it is required to have a local sponsor (UAE Nationality) or a service agent. At MSZ corporate services provider, we assist you with finding the local sponsors for the authorization of your business in Dubai.

Product registration: The Government of Dubai has revealed a complete product registration procedure, which helps in importing as well as manufacturing great products in Dubai. MSZ corporate services provider helps in product registration in Dubai in a smooth and quick procedure. We assist in a medical device, food product, health supplement and cosmetic product registration in Dubai.

Trademark registration: A trademark secures your business and recognizes your products as well as services from that of others. Since it is vital for your business, you need specialists to do this for you. We are one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai; we will assist you with the smooth and effective trademark registration procedure and guarantee that you get positive outcomes.

Visa services: We provide visa services to get an investor visa, family visa, Employment Visa, dependent visa and domestic helper’s visa in Dubai. We are knowledgeable about the UAE visa process.

If you are searching for best business consultants, connect with MSZ corporate services provider and we will assist you with setting up your business in Dubai, UAE in the smoothest way. Click Here to Contact MSZ or Email to info@msz.ae.