Start a Cartoon Production Business in Dubai | Documents Required

Start a Cartoon Production Business And Documents Required | Dubai | UAE

Cartoon production is the ability to animate any objects or even services. To make any product speak for itself or to personalize any service into a character. This creativity can be greatly helpful in creating wonderful animated advertisements and can be your key to success. Companies hire cartoon artists for the advertisements of their brand’s values, products, and services they offer.

CARTOON PRODUCTION BUSINESS: Do You Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

You have found the perfect business idea and now you must be ready for the cartoon production business. Luckily, we have done a lot of research for you and we will guide you to start your cartoon production business in Dubai. Here is a simple guide plan to establish your business, to ensure that your business is planned, registered, and legal.

First and foremost- plan your Business well

A clear plan is very important for the success of a business. It will help you to be clear to your goals. A few important facts to consider are:

  • Must be financially prepared.
  • Target your audience
  • Promote your services.
  • Well acquainted with the market.
  • Decide a name for your business.
Let us talk about investments, expenses, and profits

In Cartoon production, an estimate of zero to $1500 may be needed on digital hardware and software. You may have all the needed digital hardware and software like Mac computers including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Other expenses maybe $250 or more on non-digital tools.

If we talk about the profits, there are a lot of ways to answer that query, because you can take your business to the endless directions. Let us have an estimate of the salary range, for a cartoonist is around $30,000 to $40,000 a year. According to a survey, an average salary nationally for illustrators is under $54,000 and almost $105,000 for animation storyboard artists.

There are great profits in the cartoon productions, so it is all up to your hardware, which can be that profitable, you can even imagine.

Let us create a cartoon for your business. Register today!

Are you worried about the legal procedures, don’t worry; we will handle all that and help you in fulfilling your dreams.

Just you need to understand the whole process:
  • Choose a name for the business. We recommend checking the business name is available as a web domain or not.
  • Register for several kinds of taxes like state and federal before opening the business.
  • Open a business account from your company’s name.
  • Permits and licenses may be needed for your cartoon production
  • If you are developing a unique product, concept, brand, or design it is essential to register for the trademarks and copyrights.
  • For a secure future, it is recommended to get your company insured legally for any inconvenience.
What are the Documents Required to Start a Cartoon Production Business in Dubai?
  • Passport size picture must be with a white background
  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • Tourist visa or residence visa with an entry stamp
  • Passport copy of the local sponsor
  • Copy of Emirates ID of the local sponsor
  • Family book of the local partner
  • Special Approvals
  • CV
  • Business plan
  • Utility bill of the shareholders
  • Tenancy contract (Ejari)

So what are you waiting for? Get your professional license and start your business cartoon production business in Dubai. We are prepared with our best business ideas that will help you to follow your dreams and attain your goals towards success. In a professional license, you get 100% foreign ownership and a UAE national is appointed. The license is acquired for non-physical services like consultancy. 

We have much knowledge of setting up a business in Dubai. We are providing you an outline of the whole process and trying to give you all the answers to your queries regarding cartoon production business in Dubai. Get in touch with our business setup consultants, Just Click Here to Contact MSZ or Email to