Swift Success Mastering the Trade Name Approval Process in Dubai

Get Trade Name Approval | Dubai | UAE

What is a Trade name? It is the official name of the business. Trade name registration is the initial step to start a business in Dubai. The trade name connects with the establishment and distinguishes it from other establishments. Mostly dealing with the establishment is done under this trade name. Get your trade name approval in Dubai within 1 day also get your company reservation with 24 hours.

When a foreign investor finally decides to start a company in Dubai, he should follow some steps to incorporate the company, and reserving a company is one of them. It is an important step if you require a trade license. To get the license for your business, you must reserve a trade name and get permission from the DED (Department of Economic Development) in Dubai.

Following are the condition you must know before reserving a trade name
  • It must be a proper name and must not have indecent or obscene words and must be offensive to the public
  • The trade name must not include Allah’s name nor God or His divine attributes
  • Name of the families, tribes’ name and other persons’ name must not be used for your trade name unless the name to the license concerned
  • The name must not be the same as used by any active brands in Dubai or the government projects or those names that are used by any of the international brands
  • The names must be written literally and must not be translated,

e.g. If the Arabic name is “السماء عالية” it should be written as “Al Samaa Al Aalya”; and if the Arabic name is ” هاي سكاي” it should be written as “High Sky”

  • The name must not use the country name or government unless one gets approval from the country’s respective embassy
  • The name of the trade must be logical and should reflect and indicate the business activity e.g. it is not permitted to get the name of the trade

such as “Al Madina Contracting” for a building materials trade license

  • The name of the trade must not include any restricted names such as religious sectarian organizations or global pollical organizations 
  • Dubai Economy Department has the right to change the trade name if a similar name is found to be active

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