From Dream to Reality: Your Ultimate Guide to Launching a Food Truck Business in Dubai

Imagine having your restaurant on wheels seems such an attractive way to have your own food business with half of the population just waiting to be served with one of your specialized delicious recipes. Sounds so dreamy? Well, this is not just impossible but more than possible to happen. Yes, you read that right! You can now have the customized food truck of your own choice, your design, and most importantly, your own desired food specialties. MSZ corporate services provider is here for you to set up your own business in Dubai or a food truck business in the easiest ways! Do you want to start too? Then you have fallen on the right page.

Dubai has been gaining recognition in terms of food all over the world with different varieties and differently spiced up recipes. Today, all of the food trucks here in Dubai have lined up in most of Dubai’s streets with the only purpose to satisfy the desired cravings of the people around in places such as the built parks which have many food trucks offering cuisines from each corner of the world.

The rapid increase in popularity has been driven by the growth in demand within all of the seven Emirates for delicious food at affordable prices in all ranges. Not only this but also due to the crazy increase in tourism the demands of food trucks have been very high as the tourists mainly have a sense of attraction towards the types of foods they consist of at affordable prices, being persuaded to buy the foods they crave from a food truck, rather than eating at a restaurant.

Dubai is now becoming an edible hub, where all the international brands who now want to have their branches are being set up in Dubai. Food truck spots are now in very strategic locations, all across the UAE ensuring to be maximum visible and accessible to all the people around the area and for everyone else as well. Be it summers or winters in Dubai, Food trucks will always be on the go. Unlike restaurants on a fixed location, food trucks are for everyone that may include picnickers, beachgoers, office workers, children, or everyone else that is hungry for some quick bite

However, Food truck businesses are one of the most flexible options at having your own small profitable business started not just in the Free zones setups but also in Mainland setups allowing you to grow and have your business built in vast areas, rather than having to be committed to long-term businesses with no predictions in terms of growth or loss. Food Truck businesses have a sense of assurance that people will approach it without a doubt as they are more convenient in terms of pricing, time, etc.

Having a food truck business is by no means easy, it does require lots and lots of research, efforts, hard work, a good amount of time spent, etc. to have a potentially built restaurant on wheels, that stands out amongst the rest of the food trucks. The process of obtaining a food truck license is also very detailed. Furthermore, one of the most convenient reasons that people approach food trucks more than restaurants is that they offer more hygiene and safety standards, especially in today’s times due to the Covid situation. The customers have their preference for the place where their cravings are fulfilled and hygiene standards are also offered. Confused? Just be relaxed and start preparing your recipes! We will handle it all for you.


  • Minimal capital required

Food truck business is one of the most convenient businesses to start up especially if you’re a beginner and if you’re looking towards getting into the fields of food businesses then opting for a food truck as an option is the most cost-effective way to do so. The Startup costs involved in this are very much lower as compared to other food businesses.

  • Few overheads

Yes, it’s possible to run your food truck with minimal overhead. You can easily afford to do so as per your convenience of the costs and budget requiring no rent, no wage, and your ingredients. And indeed a great saver to expense.


  • Keep your business plan ready.

Before you drive your restaurant with your specialized menu and food items, you need to have a strong business plan which consists of all of the points and terms that your food truck business will include starting from the costs, the type, the menu, the budget, etc which will then be submitted to the DED and the Dubai Municipality as well for all sorts of approvals required. Your business plan must include your idea to be very prominent with your action plans and the budgets included to state a convincing point to the authorities that your food truck will be on the run. The quicker you get the DED approval, the quicker you can start your own food truck business. Make sure to include all your details as to how you will fund yourself, how you will manage, and your plans to scale up.

  • Do your market research.

When you have your business started, you need to outline a lot of things. Having good in-depth market research can help you know a lot about the customers as to what type of food they crave the most, which area would fit best for your food truck, signified by the cuisine your restaurant on wheels holds. Competition is considered to be the main one. You need to have a look at your competition so that you can have your business started which includes your unique ideas and stands out amongst the rest. You must consider the unique options that you will be offering and what could attract the people to persuade them to buy your food. You must keep in mind as to choosing the area where your signified cuisine is not available and is the one and only in terms of availability to attract the people to approach you.

  • Get approval for your kitchen and truck.

To have your own food truck business in Dubai, you must make sure to obtain health and safety certifications which must be officially approved by the authorities on a mandatory basis. You must have HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification for the layout of your kitchen if you plan to pre-prepare some of your offerings. This certificate assures the safety of the consumption of the products you intend to sell. It is based on the identification, control, and elimination of the hazards and risk factors that adversely affect the products. Secondly, you are also required to have HACCP certification for the blueprint of the design and fit-out of your food truck. HACCP certificates must be submitted for approval by the government. Only with these approvals in place can you start trading. You can get expert advice from MSZ corporate services provider based in Dubai to make sure you follow the correct procedures.

  • Choose a superior location

You need to make sure the location you choose is convenient for you as well as easily accessible to the people around you. As one of the laws of UAE, Food trucks are not allowed to move around in Dubai, they need to be parked at a pre-secured location. You must scan the entire city for the best possible options to choose the locations which are a quick pit stop for most customers, or when new events pop up, so you need to be on the highlight to profit from the popular eating spots. Locations can be limited and most are owned by private landlords. Develop contacts, get to know landlords, and keep up to date with urban renovations and developments in the city where food trucks may be authorized. This could help you secure a competitive advantage. When you spot a great site, act fast to secure it so you can gain a foothold in your chosen location before other food trucks move on to neighboring locations.

  • Get your license and buy your significant Truck

When you buy your truck, make sure to design it accordingly to be fit for approval by the authorities. The truck should support your kitchen and be capable of handling the heat along with proper ventilation to avoid any hazards. Once you’ve obtained your food truck license, all you need to do is start preparing for your delicious tantalizing food recipes. Don’t forget to make sure it tastes as good as you say it does!

To conclude, a passion for tasty food and outdoor eating, and a wealth of new sites and pop-ups have created a flourishing food truck scene in Dubai. By entering the market now, you join it at an exciting time in its growth. With a great concept and site, you have every chance of creating a thriving business with the possibility to expand on to other sites or other forms of catering. However, getting a license is not easy, especially for newcomers. For minimal hassle, it’s worth considering working with a specialist.

MSZ is always available at all times to assist you from the very beginning till the end in the easiest ways. So hurry and contact us soon if you want your food truck. Click Here to Contact MSZ or Email to .We are waiting for your approach.