Start a Cargo Containers Repair & Maintenance Business in Dubai

Start a Cargo Containers Repair & Maintenance Business | Dubai | UAE
Start Your Cargo Containers Repair and Maintenance Business: Raise Your Standards- Think Bigger

Are you dreaming of establishing your business in the UAE? Have a look at the bonus you will get by investing your money in the right place.

Benefits of investing in cargo container repair and maintenance Business in Dubai

Container Aid International (CAI) was founded in 1968, as an organization that deals in container repair enterprises all over the world. The main purpose of this association is to the broad experience of its members and provide efficient repair services, and to have the repairers’ view taken into consideration of standards for the design, repair, and safe handling of containers.

Cargo container repair and maintenance facility has four sources of income

1.   Inspection: Cargo containers repair and maintenance, offer inspection services, in case of any doubtful situation, the owners seek the inspection service before taking any advantage from the containers.

2.   Repair: Repairing cargo containers are the main source of income for the repairing authority.

3.   Storage: While many customers will request storage of their containers, this request should be granted only when it is determined that such days would make a greater contribution to profitability than storage income.

4.  Transport: Container lessors and shipping lines normally provide transport for a damaged unit to the selected repair facility, such facilities are often asked to transport containers from one place to another for the performance of repairs or storage

In addition to maximizing the income from each of the above sources, it should be understood that the profitability of a repair facility can be increased and is often determined by effective cost control. Some of the measures which can be taken to control repair facility costs include:

Constant re-examination of container to check
  • Where the use of jigs, fixtures, and pre-fabrication of container sections would reduce repair time.
  • Containers must be returned to the workshop for “touch-up”.
  • Keep in touch with repairmen to regarding repair “bottlenecks” and methods by which they might be reduced or eliminated.
  • Minimizing the number of times, a container moved within the repair facility.
  • Minimizing administrative overload like secretaries, accountants, messengers, and management personnel.
Equipment Needed for The Cargo Repairing and Maintenance
  • Argon, MIG and stick welding, and propane gas cutting equipment;
  • Electric drills, hacksaw and disc grinder;
  • Twenty-ton hydraulic jacks and steam cleaner;
  • Portable lights, extension cords, rivet guns, ladders;
  • Air compressor and airlines;
  • Steel cutting shear and bending press;
  • Fork-lift truck with an adjustable spreader for empty 20 and 40 foot ISO containers;
  • Circular saw for wood; and
  • Truck tractor and trailers. As the steel bending press, cutting
Quality assured:

Some repairers believe that repair standards change with financial results -when owners have the money the standards go high, and when they haven’t, standards go down. Due to the abundance of container repair standards, the container repair industry has evolved the following general rule which decides the standard of repairing work: in all cases, it is necessary to replace damaged material with spare parts of the same strength and type. Like for replacement is not possible the repairer will have to supply a certified steel gauge and a quality product, while the customer.

Documentation: The documentary of container inspection, damage estimation, repair costing, and administrative control, which make a frequent and accurate flow of information to clients, must be the main concern of those businessmen who seek to provide repair services to leasing companies and shipping lines. The documentation used by a repair facility is normally composed of the following aspects:

Container receipt: telex or telephone message from owner to depot acceptance of container.

Gatehouse receipt: Signed by the driver of the container, container number recorded in the master book, and given job number.

Container inspection: – Equipment interchange receipt (EIR) completed and sent to the leasing company.

An estimate of repair (EOR) repair of all damaged containers and sent to the owner or depending on who under the terms of the lease is responsible for damages.

In all such cases, an informational copy of the estimate is sent to the lessor. Container repairs, a telex from container owner authorizing repairs, a copy of EOR, individual container work card for hours and materials used, T-cards for the job control board, repairmen’s timesheets, and repair materials as well as Container invoice for billing.

Documents Required for Cargo Containers Repair and Maintenance Business in Dubai
  • Passport size photo
  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • Residence visa page or tourist visa with entry stamp page
  • Utility bill of the shareholders
  • Tenancy contract of the premises
  • Business plan
  • CV
  • Approval from the respected port
  • Emirates ID of the local sponsor
  • Passport copy of the local partner
  • Family book of the local partner
The entrepreneurs who wish to emerge their business in cargo container repairing and maintenance have to go through some legal process and must get a license from DM. Our business setup consultants will make the process easy for you. This is our foremost duty to assist you and familiarize you with every aspect so that you may not undergo any difficulty while the whole process takes place. Click Here to Contact MSZ or Email to