Registration of Disinfection Products in Dubai | Documents Required

Registration of Disinfection Products And Documents Required | Dubai | UAE
Registration of Disinfection Products in Dubai

Chemical substances which are used in the nonliving things objects as well as on the floor surfaces for the reason of destroying microbes are called as disinfectants. The main use of these disinfectants is to prevent infectious diseases.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic which was broke out in China’s Wuhan yet has spread over the world infecting millions and killing over two hundred twenty-eight thousand people, it is more essential than ever to keep your workplace and home in Dubai as hygiene and clean as possible. Either you are worried about the coronavirus or just want to give your employees, customer, or family with a safe a clean place, a professional sanitization and disinfection service in Dubai can help everyone to stay healthy. Every frequently used surface, including the mattresses, curtains, carpets, and furniture upholstery requires to be correctly sanitized. Sometimes only cleaning the touchable surfaces with the water and soap is not enough to keep the area clean, safe, and hygiene. This makes the sanitization as well as disinfection required where the microorganisms and germs are removed.

The place where you relax, eat, sleep, and work on has a number of germs and bacteria that you cannot imagine. This is the reason why it is important to take extra cleanse and precautions of your offices and homes from bacteria, germs, infection viruses, and fungi.

About the Disinfection Market Growth
  • Africa and the Middle East surface disinfection market size was about $11.71 million in the year 2019. The expected growth at a CAGR of 1.5% to reach $12.14 million by the year 2014. It captures 2% of the worldwide market.
  • The disinfectant market worldwide is projected to increase by US$3.1 billion, driven by a compounded increase of 7.1%.
Why Registration of Disinfection Products is important?
  • Registration of Disinfection products must be done before using a sanitization and disinfection service. The disinfection products must be approved by the UAE government. Any cleaning product should go through the rigorous testing procedure so it will be approved by the UAE government and it will be safe for contact with the human being after the basic period.
  • The most recent vehicles as well as equipment for spraying and disinfection, including the spraying devices compact disinfection fluid into tiny particles, portable sprays that work hydraulic retail power, also to spray and fumigation machines are used in the operations.
  • All sanitation and disinfection products used must be approved by the municipality and registered; the WHO (World Health Organization) should also approve it. The Dubai Municipality performs a certified laboratory test to guarantee the safety of the products.
What are the documents required for the Registration of Disinfection Products in Dubai?
  • Certificate of GMP (Good manufacturing producing)
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Laboratory test report
  • Analytical report of chemical as well as physical specifications of the product
  • Report of the ingredient that is present in the product
  • Certificate of sale (from the country of origin)
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