Dubai Municipality Compliance Label Assessment for Food Product Approval

Labeling Food Product Registration | Dubai | UAE

Being a vibrant worldwide business center point, Dubai has been viewed as an exceptionally profitable market for the trading of goods including food products. Anyhow, to trade or import foodstuff in Dubai the manufacturers and importers must ensure that they have registered the food products in Dubai with the Dubai Municipality. All the products must be registered with the Dubai Municipality if the product is not registered with the Dubai Municipality will be considered as a fake product and will be dismissed. There are various steps that the traders and importers of food products should follow to register the product with the Dubai Municipality and labeling requirements are foremost among them. Presumed brand name operators in Dubai help the merchants and makers with the legalities of the item enlistment measure. Our expert will guide on labeling requirements for food product registration in Dubai as well as with the complete registration process.

To start the process for food product registration in Dubai, one must be enrolled as a local company in the UAE. The companies can likewise tie-up with the local distributor for registering products in the UAE.

Key Requirements for Food Product Registration in Dubai

Barcode Registration: The key step for food product registration in Dubai includes the barcode registration. The mistakes that happen during the barcode registration are one of the reasons for application rejection for food product registration. Therefore, one must be careful while dealing with this process. The Dubai Municipality commands that each food product package must have a barcode. Aside from that, each package of the same product must have the same barcode. The Municipality specifies this requirement as the registered barcode can be used for various consignments and each product must have a unique barcode.

Laboratory Test: All the products that are registered require a lab test to ensure that no harmful ingredients are added to the foodstuff. Generally, the Municipality sends the samples to the Dubai Central Laboratory. If the Central Laboratory cannot test the product, at that point it will be referred to other licensed labs in the UAE. And if that the licensed lab is unable to do the test, then the product must be tested at a particular laboratory abroad.

Label Assessment: For label assessment, one must submit the packaging type description to the authorities. The packaging type can be plastic bags, carton containers, or cans, etc.

Label Information: The DM ordered that the label of food products must be easily understandable and clear. Additionally, one must ensure that the product label is not removed easily under normal conditions during use. No photos or designs should cover the information on the label. The label information should be easily readable by the consumers such as the net contents of the food products.

Language Requirements for Labeling: The official language for confirming the label information on the food products in Arabic. The language on the package must be either Arabic or/ and English. If the label has details other than the compulsory information, then the compulsory information must be in Arabic. Dubai Municipality allows the companies to use stickers for translating the label into Arabic. 

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