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JAFZA vs RAK Offshore Company

JAFZA vs RAK Offshore Company

If you are looking to start your business in UAE but are confused between JAFZA vs RAK Offshore Company, and which one suits you the best, let MSZ corporate services provider guide you in this.

JAFZA Offshore: Jebel Ali Free Zone or JAFZA, with a praiseworthy reputation, stands synonymous with straightforward operations, advancements, entrepreneurial dynamism, and consumer loyalty. Built-up in the year of 1985, JAFZA is one of the biggest and quickest developing free zones of Dubai made with the sole motivation behind drawing in outside interest in the nation. At present, 6400 or more organizations are working in JAFZA that appreciate the uncommon status of being non-private associations, and have been set up under the JAFZA Offshore Company Regulations as authorized on January 15, 2015.

Benefits of JAFZA offshore company formation

JAFZA offers several advantages to international organizations and for individuals planning to establish an offshore company in the fastest developing jurisdiction of the region:

  • JAFZA offers 100% foreign ownership of the offshore company
  • Offshore company formation requires a minimum of two directors
  • JAFZA has personal or corporate tax exemptions for offshore companies
  • JAFZA has not restricted exchange control
  • Offshore companies in JAFZA can own real estate properties which are approved by the authority
  • JAFZA Offshore companies are Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • JAFZA has not restricted limitations on minimum capital requirements for companies
  • JAFZA offers a fast and easy offshore company formation process
  • JAFZA does not restrict companies from maintaining their records or books.
  • Offshore companies in JAFZA can have a local bank account for conducting business transactions

With a strategic location and excellent infrastructure, Jebel Ali free zone is an attractive target for setting up an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates. JAFZA company incorporation is a simple and easy process in comparison to other legal forms of companies one can start in the UAE. We, at MSZ corporate services provider, have a team of professionals who are eager to help you to set up your own offshore company; we can help you establish an offshore company in the free zone. For inquiries, please contact us at 00971562181007 or Email your queries at info@msz.ae

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Offshore: One of the recently grew Offshore Jurisdiction, Ras Al Khaimah Offshore, or RAK Offshore was initiated by the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA) to address the developing requirements for Offshore markets in the country and to support the Emirates continuous financial enhancement program. Inside a brief time of its incorporation, RAK is home to more than 1900 International Business Companies (IBCs) and offers particular services to these IBCs, for example, asset protection structures, trading procedures, tax planning undertakings, property holding and more. RAK Offshore organization arrangement is a simple and easy process.

Benefits of RAK Offshore company formation

Business setup in RAK as an offshore company offers several benefits and if you are planning you may be able to get the following benefits such as:

  • RAK offshore company formation provides the benefit of 100% foreign ownership of the company
  • RAK offers different tax exemptions offers for offshore company formation
  • RAK offshore companies can have the title of Limited Liability Company (Ltd. Or Inc. in titles)
  • RAK offshore authority set the minimum share capital requirement which is AED 1,000
  • Extreme confidentiality and discretion by RAK authority of an offshore company
  • RAK Authorized offshore companies to have multi-currency corporate bank accounts in the UAE and outside of UAE
  • RAK offshore companies are authorized to own real estate property in UAE as the DLD has signed an MOA with the RAKIZ and RAK ICC
  • Offshore companies in RAK may also own trademarks, patents
  • RAK offshore company formation provides you the benefit of absolute confidentiality and privacy
  • RAK offshore company formation offers protection of your information and assets
  • RAK offshore authority does not restrict of maintaining accounts or books
  • RAK offshore authority does not restrict companies from submitting annual audit reports
  • The minimum requirement for company incorporation is one director
  • RAK Free zone has more than 47 UAE double tax treaties with different countries

At MSZ corporate services provider, we have a team of qualified professionals who are eager to help you. They have extensive experience in the field of RAK offshore company formation services and procedures. We can help you incorporate your own offshore company in RAK at very cost-effective rates. For further information or assistance on offshore company formation in the UAE,
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