Start an Hourly Car Rental Business in Dubai | Documents Required

Start an Hourly Car Rental Business And Documents Required | Dubai | UAE
Hourly Car Rental Business- One Of The Most Profitable Business In The Dubai

In the UAE, 25 to 71 percent of people did not buy new cars, while 15 to 20 percent got rid of their private cars. Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA declared that the faculty will allow public transport users can rent a car to pick up and drop at metro and train stations.

It is a great opportunity and a great way to make money even in times of economic insecurity. A car rental business rents cars at affordable daily and weekly prices. In places where the hourly system is in place, the public transport ridership went up by 13 to 54 percent.

Tourists and business people use hourly car rental to using public transport or spending money on taxis. Even Local people also hire rented cars when their car is under repair.

The Most Important Hourly Car Rental business Success Factors

A new rental company needs much effort, commercial sense as well as a substantial financial cushion. If all goes well, then it will provide unimaginable results. It will take some time. You can set your goals by following the great entrepreneur Jack Taylor, the founder of Enterprise rent-a-car, who started his business with 7 cars in St. Louis, in 1957. Today he is leading the market with a fleet of 7,200 vehicles in 30 countries. He is a great example of proper scaling.

Step by step guidelines to be followed before starting hourly car rental services:

· Company Registration: One must register his company by following the complete legal process by submitting all the necessary documentation, applying for the permits, researching on the regulations.

· Finding The Right Location: Office location plays a vital role in the car rental business. A high traffic area like near hotels, train stations, and airports will be the appropriate place for the execution of Rental Company. If you will provide your services at night hours, it will be more profitable for your business as many people arrive late at night and they must be in the need of a rented car. So, choosing the right place will increase the possibilities of great profit in the meantime.

· Create A Website For The Business: To promote your business on a grand scale, you can create a business website for hourly car rental services. You can provide details of your vehicles and the services you offer to your customers and you can mention the hourly rates as well.

· Hire Efficient Staff: You must hire a proficient people with driving license and verified by the government. Their background must be checked and they must be trustworthy.

· Investment And Profit: You have to put a big investment in this business, but in a very short span, you will get favorable results. All your financial efforts will prove fruitful. You will be able to manage all the expenses like wages of the staff, insurance policies, vehicle maintenance costs, etc.. and still left with a handsome profit in your hand. 

Apply for a business license from Authorities.

To run an hourly car rental service successfully, you have to go through the legal process of business license from the local government. Our team will be available to help you in setting up your business by handling all the legal affairs on your behalf.

Fill out all the necessary forms and also complete all the required documentation like-

1. Type of business

2. Business address

3. Name of the business owner

4. Contact information

5. Federal ID number

6. Number of employees

The whole process may take some time. After following these steps, the government will provide you a business permit. Without the license, you will not be able to open your hourly car rental business in Dubai.

What are the documents required for the hourly car rental business?
  • Passport size photo with a white background
  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • Residence visa page or tourist visa (with an entry stamp)
  • Business plan
  • Utility bill of the shareholders
  • Tenancy contract
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Local partner passport copy
  • Emirates ID of the local partner
  • Family book of the local partner
By the end, this hourly car rental business will no doubt will emerge providing you the great benefits. This business is best for those who want to live life in their terms and conditions. Start your hourly car rental business in Dubai with the guidance of our Business setup consultants. Click Here to Contact MSZ or Email to