Start a Hajj and Umra Organizing Business in Dubai | Documents Required

Documents Required for Starting Hajj and Umra Business | Dubai | UAE
Start Hajj and Umra Organizing Business in Dubai

Some people are chosen to be entrepreneurs, from the period they get through the school or perhaps even before that, they are waiting to start their business and lead it to great success and nothing will stop them to make their dream a reality. Starting your own business in Dubai is the first step as well as challenging and exciting at the same time. Dubai is the dream city for foreigners to start their business.

Why start Hajj and Umra Organizing Business in Dubai?

Due to the growing number of pilgrims traveling to Hajj and Umra each year, the market has increased rapidly. As the Hajj and Umra Organizing Business has been growing, developing, and renewing itself. Hajj is a yearly religious pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca) undertaken every year by 2 – 3 million people. The highest number for Umrah tourists was from Pakistan also Indonesia with 1,530,8555 and 934,827 tourists accordingly. The tourists from India ere 635,675. Algeria, Yemen and Egypt had the fourth and fifth highest number of tourists for Umra. A total of 6.96 million tourists were arrived in Saudia Arabia as of 23 May 2019.

This year Hajj will occur from about July 28, 2020, to August 2, 2020. Hajj is the most essential beginning of Muslim life and it is a blessed tour. Umra is a pilgrimage that can be done at any period of the year. The yearly Hajj or Umra pilgrimage is a compulsory religious duty for all Muslims, and it is one of the five pillars of Islam that must be carried out once in the lifetime of the Muslims. One must know the Saudia Arabia visa rules for Hajj and Umra pilgrimage, which require that the women which are below the age of 45 should be accompanied by a “mahram” (a male member of the family) for hajj and Umra otherwise the entry may be denied and make sure when your Saudia Arabia visa expires. Overstaying in Saudia Arabia may include fine and ban on returning to Saudia Arabia in the future.

You get 100% foreign ownership in this business and it is a quick business setup. Don’t worry about the process we are here to help you.

What are the documents required?
  • Passport size photo with a white background
  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • Tourist visa or residence visa with an entry stamp
  • CV
  • Business plan
  • Utility bill of the shareholders
  • Tenancy contract
  • Local partner passport copy
  • Emirates ID of the local partner
  • Family book of the local partner
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