Constructing Success: A Guide to Starting a Construction Business in Dubai

Start a Construction Business | Dubai | UAE
Dubai is one of the most fascinating and attractive countries worldwide. We have seen the change of this country from time immemorial, and now the beauty of this nation has arrived at its top. The UAE’s most attractive location Dubai has a lot of beautiful beaches and eye-catching sites. Dubai’s top-notch infrastructure isn’t only attractive for the visitors yet also for the businesspeople, rising GDP, flexible business opportunities, high standard of living, and having a rich class culture makes Dubai the best place worldwide for setting up a business. Dubai has numerous mega construction projects coming towards its way. There are additionally a few ongoing projects for the World Expo 2020. The United Arab Emirates recorded the highest construction project valuation in the GCC region. All these facts suggest one thing: Now is a better time to start a construction business in Dubai.

Construction Business Opportunities

The construction business is one of the highest-grossing business in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is home to the tallest building worldwide, that is the Burj Khalifa, as well as the world’s tallest residential building, is Marina 101 structure. There are likewise the Princess Tower and Burj Arab, which are probably the most notable structures in Dubai. 

The Dubai government has authorized USD 7.8 billion for the extension of the Dubai International Airport as well as a redevelopment project, worth USD 6.8 billion, of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Don’t forget Dubai will be hosting the World Expo 2020, giving umpteen opportunities in the construction sector.

What are the steps to start a Construction Business in Dubai?
  • The first thing you need to do before setting up a company in Dubai is to decide if you want to go for a company set up on Mainland or a Free zone
  • The next step is to start the company registration process. It is advisable to speak with business consultants to guide you in the company registration process.
  • After getting your business license in Dubai. You need to hire a professional like engineer.
Other requirements to start a construction business in Dubai
  • A civil work permit
  • An environmental permit from the relevant authority
  • A permit from the RTA
  • No objection letter from the Dubai Civil Defence
  • A building completion certificate
  • A permit from the Dubai government entities regarding the utilities
  • A permit from a relevant authority to dispose of the hazardous waste
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