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Dubai, UAE is a potential market for a cleaning services company. One of the economical startups is the cleaning company in Dubai. Dubai has an aspiring market for cleaning companies as well as has given a high number of cleaning company licenses. The volume of the business has expanded about by 35 percent to 45 percent. To start the business of cleaning, one must get the cleaning company license, which is a low cost, and a reasonable idea on how to start a new company in Dubai.

Growth of Cleaning Services Market

Cleaning services market size is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.2 percent to reach $74,299 million by the year 2022. The cleaning service industry is much more profitable for successful enterprises. Trustworthy companies that give actual value to customers will consistently understand a level of profitability in the business.

Follow the steps to start cleaning company in Dubai

The first step to start a company is to do market research to understand the target market and to get the required license for the cleaning company in Dubai. There are three essential sectors in the cleaning sector –

  • Industrial Cleaning Company License: this sector is concerned about large offices office obstructs, a major group would be required to start in this sector.
  • Residential Cleaning Company License: this sector is for cleaning houses. It can be started with a little group related to housekeepers and could continuously increase with time.
  • Commercial Cleaning Company License: this sector requires a talented cleaning service that understands how to deal with specific places. It is somewhat difficult yet once you find the right market it is possibly the most rewarding sector out of all.

Apply for your cleaning services license 

After you have decided what type of cleaning sector is best for you to start. Now the next step is that you apply for the license that is an industrial cleaning company license, commercial cleaning company license, or a residential cleaning company license.

The application procedure is similar either setting up in the mainland or the free zone. In both cases, a business setup consultant can help you with this step, even managing the whole application procedures on your behalf.

Documents Required for Cleaning Company in Dubai

Get the Professional License for your cleaning company in Dubai

License Type Activity
Professional Airport Runways Cleaning Services
Professional Yacht Cleaning Services
Professional Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services
Professional Tanks, Containers & Crates Cleaning Services
Professional Aircraft Cleaning Services
Professional Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
Professional Carpets Cleaning
Professional Car Washing & Cleaning
Professional Dry Cleaning Services

We have come with some additional tips for you to run your business easily.

  • Choose a Suitable Location for your business. Choose a location where you plan to set up your company, you can choose Mainland Business setup or Freezone Business setup
  • Do some Market Research which will help you to run your business smoothly
  • Be-well informed about the Ins and Outs of your business
  • Marketing and Advertising helps in promoting your business
  • Good communication skills can help you to bloom your business
  • Get a trained staff for the cleaning services
  • Buy the required equipment’s for cleaning

Starting a cleaning company in Dubai has a huge scope of growth. It could be challenging when it comes to the business setup process in Dubai. It is very important that you have the best business consultants with you. We at MSZ corporate services provider will guide and assist you through the complete process letting you focus on building your business! Contact us on +971562181007 or drop a mail to and book your commitment – Get free consultation call with our business consultants today!

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