5 Tips to work from home during COVID 19 lock down

5 Tips to work from home during COVID 19 lock down | Dubai | UAE

If you had been told in January 2020 that you have to work from home until the pandemic gets over. It felt like the bonus of this year. The truth is not so enjoyable. Also before the social distancing and quarantine measures became the rule, the psychologists were asked how best to grow in the shadow of COVID 19.

Some of the businesses are considered essential so their procedures might not want to change. For instance, Small grocery stores, supermarkets, and hypermarket want to address social distancing in their stores, yet their fundamental operations are not required to change much. Most of the people questioned on how to work from home during COVID 19. Follow these 5 tips and work from home during COVID 19 lock down.

Some people may question this because fashion does not exist when the world is on lockdown, however, physiologists suggest you have to get dressed up for work. More than only keeping up appearances, it helps the brain to be in the work mode. If you would regularly wear a shirt to work, wear one in the home office as well. Dress up yourself in the morning, make yourself feel like you are going to work and be comfortable. Make sure you are not skipping the shower. There is refreshing proof to recommend that a cold shower can help you to get good attention as well as boost your mood.

It does not mean that you have to break your everyday routine, yes you may get more time in the bed because of a decrease in your commute. Yet, it is very much important to get up in the morning and make yourself ready for the work also set up space where you can work from easily and comfortably. It means, not opening a shop in your bed or from your couch, however sitting at a table to make sure that you have the good posture and ready to start your working day with a clearly defined purpose.

2. Scheduling your day

It is also important to make your quarantine period average, and that starts with your sleep.

Good scheduling must be:

  • Personal
  • Realistic
  • Balanced
  • Flexible
  • Changeable

Make sure you have planned and scheduled your day at least the night before. So in this way, you already know what you are going to do in the day. But if your scheduling it in the morning it will not work, and you may lose time preparing your schedule. Scheduling your day will make you complete your task easily and on time. Make sure you are following your schedule. At the end of the day, write your schedule and goals for your next day so that you can concentrate on your work. You also have the option to create a weekly schedule rather than the daily one.

3. Place of work
  • Place: Find a good place for yourself to work where you may feel comfortable and confident
  • Light: Natural light is good if you’re working from home, for example near to your room window or the balcony. If not, make sure to get a good light so that it’s clear whatever you are doing. The dark place will make you feel lazy and sleepy. Avoid staying in a dark place.
  • Amplitude: Keep your desk organized where you plan to work. Have space for yourself. But if it’s too crowded you might lose your focus while doing your work
  • Temperature: Find the ideal temperature, if the temperature is too cold or hot, the work conditions might not be adequate
  • Distractions: Keep your phone away this is one of the worst distractions. Televisions or computers are also a bad distraction.
4. Stay healthy physically and mentally
  • Sleep: Researchers found that oversleeping can decrease the person’s cognitive function just like sleep deprivation can also called as sleep insufficient (a person who gets very less sleep or fails to get enough sleep). Sleep is one of the most important factors for staying healthy. The brain needs rest; it is said that our brain must take a rest around 8 hours each day so you can be refreshed the next day for completing all of your tasks. But if you are not sleeping well, the brain does not get proper rest.
  • Health: In case if you are sick this may too affect a lot to your health and you might not concentrate on your work properly.
  • Eating: It also depends on the food that you’re eating, you will be active or not. Make sure you avoid sweets and fatty foods.
  • Exercising: The most important point. Always remember that exercise helps you to stay physically fit. Exercising also helps you to be active and boosts your energy. When you exercise you will feel better because your body and brain can do more work.
5. Stay Connected

Its not that much easy to work from home during COVID 19 but stay connected with your colleagues, use chat apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Hangouts Chat. Also, you can discuss with your colleague if there is any doubt while you’re working and offer support and help to your colleagues who need it. COVID 19 has brought difficult times to us but make sure you organize the activities together to stay connected. Zoom and Google Hangouts work perfectly for a huge number of groups. These group sessions will offer a great chance to connect. Totok (HD video & chat app) is one of the popular app used in the UAE, these apps help you to keep in touch with your colleagues. Stay safe, Stay connected.

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