What is a Labour Card in the UAE? Documents Required

Labour Card And Documents Required | Dubai | UAE

What are the conditions for employees in the UAE? 

Labour card also called a work permit is the identity evidence of the workers in the UAE. The employees should carry their labour cards while moving to the UAE. UAE The labour card has details like the name of employee, profession, nationality, phone number, work permit number, the expiry date of the labour card and labour card number UAE 

  • The employee must not be below the age of 18 years and not above 60 years
  • The employee must have an academic qualification required for the country
  • The employee must be medically fit
  • And needs to get a medical certificate
  • The employer visa is not allowed to keep the expired labour cards UAE and make sure that each of his companies has a breach free record
  • The salary of the employees at work must be relative to her/his profession in that company
  • All the employers must unite all of their companies under the ministry’s processes

Application of the new labour card in the UAE

What are the documents required for the application of the new labour card? 

  • Photo of the employee
  • Company license must be valid
  • Entry visa copy
  • The health certificate of the employee which must be valid
  • Signature card copy
  • Employment contract 3 copies, the employment contract must be signed by the employer and the employee with the company stamped on it

Note: If the new labour card is not submitted within 60 days from the entry date, a fine of AED 500 will be issued

How to modify and renew the existing labour card UAE?

  • The labour sector department normally deals with this procedure
  • The ministry gives service for modification and renewal work permit for the company. If the employer needs to modify the contract and the salary also to the work permit renewal, so he/she can visit the ministry of labour

What are the documents required for the modification and renewal of the existing labour card?

  • Passport size photo with a white background
  • Valid trade license
  • The new and old contract
  • Academic certificate
  • Approval letter from accomplished authorities

Lost or damaged labour cards

What are the documents required for lost and damaged labour cards?

  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photo with a white background
  • Original labour card which is damaged (If the labour card was damaged)
  • Police certificate that is certified by the labour inspection department at Ministry of labour (If the labour card was lost)

Cancellation of the labour card

There are six types of labour card cancellations.
  • Normal cancellation
  • Used work permit cancellation
  • Unused work permit cancellation
  • Sick cancellation
  • Outside country cancellation
  • Death cancellation

One needs to visit the Ministry of Labour now called the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation make sure that you take the application with you to cancel the labour card along with the employee’s signature.

Important points about the Labour card
  • Labour card fee must be added in the fee that has been already paid for receiving the work permit
  • An employee who is an expat must be sponsored by the licensed company that must be registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) which was previously known as Ministry of Labour
  • The employer must give the UAE labour card to his recruited employee within 2 months (60 days) after he arrives in the country. But if the labour card is not issued, then the employer has to pay a fine.
  • The labour card is issued just for 2 years this is for those employees who work in the private sectors, and for the employees who work in the government the labour card is issued for 3 years
  • The labour card just has 50 days to be renewed from the date of expiry. But if the labour card is not renewed at the time a fine is to be paid
  • Once when the Labour card is canceled, the Emirates ID, residence visa will be seized and canceled. The employee has just 1 month (30 days) to leave the country
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