Start an Ice Skating Training Business in Dubai | Documents Required

Start an Ice Skating Training Business And Documents Required | Dubai | UAE
Ice Skating Training Business – A perfect business Idea

Ice Skating is a passion for many people from their childhood. We have seen this sport being enjoyed by many people but now this sport has zillion investment opportunities too. Ice skating rinks can profit you hundreds to thousands of dollars annually. According to IBIS World, the ice rink industry brings in $618 million annually and is growing day by day.

A skating rink business attracts a wide variety of customers, from people who are willing to learn skating to people who love to skate daily

Anyone who has a passion for ice skating may enjoy running an ice skating rink but just knowing how to skating won’t help them in running the business.

You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next steps-

There are many more things to be considered for starting a business than just registering it. We have put together a guide plan to start your ice skating training rink. This will ensure that your Skating business is well planned, registered, and legally compliant. Let’s firstly focus on the things you may need to start up-

1.Plan your business:

You must consider some points before starting any business. Ice skating training is no doubt needs much investment. You must be ready with some funds, and remaining you may apply for business finance. For the loan process, the bank also needs to check the business plan and your idea of how you will execute the plan

To start the Ice skating training center is to find the perfect location. You may even decide to try a new area to find a site that needs a rink or indoor skate park. You also need to check the competitors in this business, so it’s better to find out a place near schools, because children attract more to Ice Skating, so it will be quite beneficial for your business.
3.Licensing and Legal Requirements:

To build or renovate your skating rink, you need to obtain the proper permits. An ice skating training business needs a professional license. However, do not worry we at MSZ corporate services provider will assist you to get the license of Ice Skating Training Business in Dubai from the DED. In the same way, if you want to sell food in the rink, you need to get the restaurant permit. It is also necessary to purchase insurance for the rink as a hook for damages after an accident.

What are the Documents Required for Ice Skating Training Business in Dubai?
  • Passport size picture is required with a white background
  • Passport copy of the shareholders
  • Tourist visa or residence visa with an entry stamp
  • CV
  • Business plan
  • Utility bill of the shareholders
  • Tenancy contract
  • Local partner passport copy
  • Emirates ID of the local partner
  • Family book of the local partner
Some Helpful Tips for Your Ice Skating Training Business
We have come with some additional tips for you to run your business smoothly. These tips will help you to attract more customers as well as save your money.
  • Most of the customers in Ice Skating are younger, so it is good to make the entrance attractive; it will leave a good impression and will help to attract more people.
  • Check the condition of the ice every week, keep it maintained, and focus on the quality.
  • Keep the rink hygienic and clean.
  • Set some rules to maintain the discipline.
You need to consider all these matters in your business plan, as do your start-up and operating budgets. A business plan needs to include all these aspects for the best and worst situations and precisely how you will handle each aspect of owning and functioning the business, such as how you will manage to finance and your schedule for paying off the loan.
We at MSZ corporate services provider are standing behind you and will guide you at each step with our experience and knowledge. We will do our best to assist you and ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services. For any inquiries, Click Here to Contact MSZ or Email to