How to Get a Free Zone Visa in UAE?

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UAE Business Setup: Free Zone Visa Advantage

The United Arab Emirates has been a perfect area for the beginning and growing business throughout recent years. Most investors discover it economically stable with constant development, bigger markets, investor-friendly procedures, and a tax-free regime that is too appealing to pass. Also, Business setup in the UAE is smoother than anywhere in the Middle East. The UAE has three jurisdictions by which an individual can set up a business. The three jurisdictions are mainland, free zone and offshore. The most useful among the three jurisdictions is setting up a business in a UAE-free zone.

One of the main reasons why businessmen prefer a free zone is because of no impulse of a local sponsor for the business. Any organization or an individual that wishes to start activities in the UAE free zones should apply for a visa initial to establishing the presence. Every Free Zone has its own rules and authority for applying. Companies and individuals that apply do so get benefits relying upon the free zone. MSZ corporate services provider assists entrepreneurs to get their free zone visa in the UAE.

What are the advantages of a UAE Free Zone Visa?

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% exemption of import and export duties
  • Freedom to repatriate capital and profits
  • Quick company formation
  • Complete infrastructure
  • Exemption from corporate taxes
  • Repatriation on benefits and capital

What are the steps to get the UAE Free Zone Visa?

Individuals interested in starting their own business in a UAE free zone are eligible to apply for residency through either an Investor visa or an employment visa. The process for obtaining a Dubai free zone visa is overseen by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in the UAE, bypassing the Ministry of Labor entirely. Free zone visas exclusively involve the Immigration Department, streamlining the procedure significantly. However, it’s important to note that individuals holding Free Zone visas are not permitted to work outside the Free Zone, as they lack a comprehensive UAE Labor contract. The steps for acquiring a UAE free zone visa include

E-channel Services Registration: To avail of the E-channel services, you can seek assistance from an authorized typing center or agent, who will facilitate the registration process for your company online upon payment of the required fees, as mandated by the UAE government to streamline the visa procedure.

Applying for Employment Visa: Following registration for E-channel services, the next step involves applying for an employment visa, which is temporary and valid for a duration of 2 months, functioning as an entry permit. The immigration department in the UAE typically takes about 5-6 working days to mail the entry permit once it is ready.

Change of Status: This crucial procedure, known as “status adjustment,” is necessary to obtain your free zone visa and can be carried out through three distinct methods.

  • In-country,
  • Out of the country,
  • And border run

The most ideal choice among the businessman is the in-country change of status. One needs to submit the passport to immigration, then the immigration will then stamp the same as well as activate an employment visa.

The other option is to obtain the visa from abroad, but it might not be available for all nationalities, so it’s wise to check with your free zone authority before leaving. To activate the visa, you must exit the UAE and re-enter, presenting the printed employment visa to the immigration officer at the airport, who will then verify its authenticity and stamp and activate the visa accordingly.

  • The medical test, including a blood test, chest X-ray, and screening for infectious diseases, is mandatory and typically takes 3-4 working days to complete.
  • Once you receive the medical test results, you must proceed to apply for your Emirates ID, which is required for all UAE residents. This involves visiting an official ID authority to submit your application and provide biometric details for the card. 
  • The final step in the UAE visa process is visa stamping, where the visa is stamped on your passport. The processing time for free zone visas is approximately 15 working days, after which you will receive the visa.


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