Securing Success The SCA Route to Financial Consultancy License Approval

How to get Financial Consultancy License | Dubai | UAE

Financial consulting requires certified financial consultants as well as special approval from SCA (Security commodity authority) Abu Dhabi to complete the license registration procedure.

Different Departments who are involved in License issuance, apart SCA:
  • Department of Economic Development,
  • Ministry of economy,
  • Dubai court etc.
  • Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA) is the authorized Authority regulating Financial Consultancy and Analysis business in UAE.
  • The Company must approach SCA for the issue of a Financial Consultancy and Analysis license as per its regulations.
  • The company shall begin its business and commercial activities after obtaining a suitable License from SCA, trade/commercial license from respective DED of the Emirates.
The Department of Economic Development describes the following:

Activity: Financial Analysis & Consultancy

License Type: Professional

Activity Description: It involves the financial analysis which depends on a systematic assessment of the financial statements to evaluate the past, the current and to forecast the future performance of the companies also measuring securities and commodities and their contracts, price trends, transaction volumes, to enable making decisions.

What are the activities that are allowed under this license?
  • Investment Consulting
  • Financial Statements and Performance Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research, Analysis, Price Trends and Forecasts
  • Investment Portfolio Modeling
  • Consulting on Securities, Commodities and related Contracts
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Financial Planning
A company that is applying for a license must provide the following:

Share capital: The Company has to maintain the share capital of 1 million Dirham

Shareholding: A Minimum of 51% share must be with the UAE national/ Emirati

Qualified technical and administrative: The qualified technical and administrative personnel required for the company to practice the business of financial consultation and financial analysis

Business plan: It has to be prepared in both English and Arabic, which is the most important part of the process.

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