Unveiling Opportunities: Licensing and Business Setup in Dubai Media City Free Zone

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Established in 2000 by the government Dubai Media City Free Zone (DMC) is a regional hub for media companies from around the world. Commercial licenses for free zone limited liability companies (FZ LLC), branch offices, and freelancer’s licenses are issued. Licenses issues have one-year validity and can be renewed yearly.

Following are the types

  • Free zone limited liability companies
  • Branch offices
  • Freelancing permits

Free zone limited liability company (FZ-LLC): it is the most common type of company in DMC and is require the following steps for incorporation:

  • The first setup is to apply for company incorporation,
  • The second step will be to submit all the documents with the DTMFZA and in response to that they will send a customer confirmation letter (CCL);
  • After CCL has been received, it must be signed and returned to the DTMFZA with the payment and licensing fee and property lease contract, if there is any.

The license will be issued once all these steps have been completed.

Branch office: Branch office in Dubai Media City is not a separate legal entity but an extension to its parent company that can be national or foreign. The process of incorporation of a branch office is the same as the process for Free Zone Limited Liability Company.

Freelancers: For freelancers to conduct commercial activities in Dubai Media City free zone they must also obtain a license. To obtain a freelancer license one must file the required documents which include his/her copy of passport with the application form, a business plan to Dubai Technology, and Media city free zone authority.

Documents required

For business setup in DMC If the shareholder is a private person following documents needed:

  • Business license application form
  • Passport of Applicant
  • Passport of Manager
  • Passport of Director
  • Business plan
  • Legal representative Information

For business setup in DMC if the company to be registered has a corporate shareholder following documents needed:

  • Business license application form
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company
  • Business plan
  • Managers, directors, and legal representative information/details


  • Company formation in DMC will allow you to have full foreign ownership;
  • Business setup in DMC will allow you to get benefits of 100% exemption from taxes on profits and capital gains repatriation.
  • Company formation in DMC will benefit you with tax-free custom duties.
  • Process of company formation and registration in DMC is quick and simple
  • Transparent company regulations
  • Business setup in DMC will allow you to have Non-stop residence and work permits services.

Facilities at Dubai Media City Free Zone and their Features:

Business setup in Dubai media city free zone provides a large number of facilities that attract investors and media giants from around the world. Some of the facilities and their features are:

  • Business centers
  • DMC Media Business Centre
  • Commercial offices
  • Car parking system
  • DMC properties
  • Boutique villas

Business Centers: Business setup in DMC will provide you with the facility of business centers that are fully serviced and equipped offices with a Professional business environment. It also has the Meeting/conference room facilities, dedicated administrative staff for the support of clients. It also provides the facilities of wireless internet and common areas.

DMC Media Business Centre: Company formation in DMC will provide you with the unlimited benefits of DMC’s Media Business Centre which provide facilities which are perfect for professionals in the media industry, media freelancers with facilities including furnished and fully serviced commercial space, organized media events and the promotion of innovative ideas to promote business. It is One-Stop shop providing services such as issuing visas, sponsorships, quick registration of companies, licensing, etc.

DMC Commercial offices: Company formation in DMC will give you the benefit of commercial offices. Different types and sizes of offices available, such as open plan, cellular also car parking facility at multistoried, ground, and basement.

Car Parking System: To deal with the high demand for care parking space DMC has a system for the management of reserved parking and road metered car parking

Dubai Media City Properties: It has its car parking and easy access to buses and taxis.

Boutique Villas at DMC: Business setup in DMC provides you with the facility of boutique villas with own kitchen and bathroom, Support is v available for fitting out and furnishing facilities including full utility electricity, A/C, water, building maintenance, ground floor car parking.

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