How to get Degree Attestation in Dubai?

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Degree Certificate Attestation is a significant process for your employment visa in UAE or Gulf nations regardless of your nation of citizenship. Only attested certificates will be approved to give your employment visa for UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Kuwait. In this process, the document has to go to several government departments. There will be at least 4-5 stamps applied to the document, as well as a few expenses that are included for the degree attestation Dubai. We MSZ corporate services provider can guide you for degree attestation Dubai quickly and reliably.

We assist in Degree Certificate Attestation internationally; the significant part of the degree certificate attested in our regular schedule is as under.

  • Australia Degree Certificate
  • Canada Degree Certificate
  • France Degree Certificate
  • Germany Degree Certificate
  • Hong Kong Degree Certificate
  • India Degree Certificate
  • Jordan Degree Certificate
  • Lebanon Degree Certificate
  • Malaysia Degree Certificate
  • New Zealand Degree Certificate
  • Pakistan
  • Singapore Degree Certificate
  • South Africa Degree Certificate
  • UK Degree Certificate
  • USA Degree Certificate
  • Notary Verification from the country of origin: It confirms the authenticity of the certificate as well as legally approves the identity of the signatory. However, Notarization is the initial step in getting degree attestation for use in UAE
  • Attestation from a legal authority of the issuing nation: For the degree certificates to become valid internationally, it must be after Notarization. The authority for this procedure differs from one nation to another. Generally, this is executed by the MOFA of the issuing nation. The ministry attests the degree certificate after confirming the notary attestation.
  • Attestation from the United Arab Emirates Embassy: After getting an attestation from the MOFA in the home country, the document must be attested by the UAE Embassy situated in the home country. The authorities in the embassy attest to the degree certificate after making sure as well as confirming that the certificate has been attested by all the significant authorities in the home country.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE Attestation: As the last step, the MOFA, UAE will check and guarantee the authenticity of the document. Before the certificate is attested, the ministry checks if the certificate has been notarized, attested as well as authorized by the UAE embassy in the issuing nation.
Documents required for Degree attestation Dubai
  • Original Degree Certificate
  • Degree holder’s passport copy
  • Authorization letter
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