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How to Formation in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Established in 1988 Ajman free zone (AFZ) is leading to industrial development in Ajman by providing a liberal economic environment and trade-friendly policies. The Ajman free zone Authority is the sole administrative organization for the Free zone in the Ajman. Ajman free zone (AFZ) has a major contributor to Ajman’s economy. Over the years Ajman’s free zone has dedicated itself to have the necessary support to investors the best possible way. Company Formation and business setup in Ajman free zone (AFZ) is simple and easy with single window operation. Ajman free zone is an ideal place to invest with a wide range of licensing options to accommodate small and large business setup.

Located on the west coast of United Arab Emirates Ajman is a thriving city. It is at the crossroads of the United Arab Emirates. Over the years Ajman has seen remarkable development in areas such as infrastructure, business, tourism, and industry. Ajman has become a major destination for investors because of the stability, security, and opportunities it provides to investors.

Ajman free zone authority (AFZ) is leading from top to provide local and foreign investors the opportunity to invest in the business best suited for them. From fast track application and license registration process in one day with all concerned authorities to 100% of repatriation of capital and profits, Ajman free zone is a complete package. Business setup in Ajman free zone provides investors with the benefits of 100% import-export tax exemption and no personal income tax. Ajman free zone is the only downtown free zone in the United Arab Emirates with strong infrastructure encompassing strong connectivity through the federal network of highways to major sea and airport in the county.

Ajman free zone offers its investors with the lease period of 20 years which is further renewed to a period of 20 years which is the sign of a stable business environment with the government backing tax-free option for the contract period makes it an ideal place to set up a business and company formation. For small and startup companies Ajman free zone offers smart offices with state of the art communication facilities also there are high-class buildings with arranged offices to suit the need of small medium and large businesses.

Ajman free zone also has a facility of warehouses and storage facilities for light industrial units, different sizes are available and for the companies that want to establish industries, the land is available at very competitive rates. Also, a massive warehousing complex called a smart warehouse is being built in the free zone to support the growth and fulfill the requirement. Ajman port is adjacent to the Ajman free zone which leads the way to emerging nearby markets of Eastern Europe and Africa.

Ajman’s closeness to Sharjah and Dubai gives simple availability to the two global airplane terminals and four ports. Ajman Port, serving more than 1000 vessels in a year, has developed as an essential oceanic point of convergence today. It has twelve berths. A monstrous improvement arrangement of Ajman Ports, under advancement, will try to improve its goodwill to the world level sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)
  • Ajman Free Zone offers fast track license processing for company formation.
  • Ajman Free Zone is the only downtown free zone in UAE.
  • Ajman Free Zone allows 100% foreign ownership.
  • 100% of the repatriation of capital and profits for businesses in Ajman Free Zone.
  • Ajman Free Zone has no import or export duties no personal corporate tax.
  • Ajman Free Zone has no income tax.
  • Ajman Free Zone offers 100% import and export tax exemptions.
  • Ajman Free Zone has inexpensive uninterrupted energy available for industries.
  • Ajman Free Zone has no service charges or hidden fees
  • Ajman Free Zone has the availability of a skilled workforce from across the globe.
  • Ajman Free Zone has cost economic wage structure
  • Ajman Free Zone world-class infrastructure for a new and established business.
Licenses to Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone
Types of licenses

1. Commercial Licenses: Ajman free zone offers commercial license which is suitable for companies and individuals involved in the trading business, Following are the activities allowed under commercial license

  • One activity trading
  • Two activity trading
  • Three activity trading
  • General trading

2. Professional services licenses: Ajman free zone Professional services license best suited for companies or individuals engaged in providing services such as management, financial, legal, and other consultancy services.

3. Industrial license: Ajman free zone Industrial license is for companies to engage in the manufacturing business. Ajman free zone provides a range of industrial licenses to suit almost all business types.

  • Industrial license
  • National Industrial license
Facilities in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)
  • Ajman Free Zone has smart offices for startup companies with state of the art Infrastructure
  • Ajman Free Zone has robust infrastructure including strong connectivity through a federal network of highways
  • Ajman Free Zone has access to major sea and airports of the country at a very short distance
  • Ajman Free Zone offers a lease period up to 20 years and renewable to 20 more years
  • Ajman Free Zone provides a stable business environment 
  • Ajman Free Zone has Tax free option like other free zones of the country in the UAE
  • Ajman Free Zone has smart offices at Low-cost company for startup companies with state of the art communication facilities
  • For large industries land is available at very reasonable rates
  • Ajman Free Zone is Adjacent to Ajman seaport which connects it to international markets
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