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DMCC (Dubai Multi commodities center) Free Zone

DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) was established in 2002 by the government of Dubai as an initiative to build a market and financial infrastructure center for global commodity trade. Since the establishment of DMCC free zone, it grows exponentially and as of June 2013, it had over 6800 members for both commodities and businesses. Today it has grown to over 11000 plus members and companies. Starting a business in free zone is a lengthy task, we at MSZ corporate services provider will assist you to start your business in DMCC free zone.

DMCC free zone member companies and participants of industries enjoy access to market infrastructure and physical facilities like Dubai Diamond Exchange, gold and diamond vaults, the Dubai Pearl Exchange and DMCC Trade flow, trading platforms like the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, the DMCC Tea Centre and a variety of commodities backed financial investment outfits. DMCC is the regional hub of diamond trading.

Many commodity sectors along with a range of businesses from shipping to trade, IT and advertising, recruitment, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, luxury brands, nurseries, universities, and more in the 85,000 people strong business and residential community-based in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai found in DMCC.

Business Setup in DMCC (Dubai Multi commodities center) Free Zone

DMCC free zone is the largest and fastest-growing free trade zone in the United Arab Emirates comprising over 17000 plus registered members. The DMCC Free Zone is located in the heart of new Dubai and is about an hour away from Abu Dhabi. DMCC free zone located in Dubai’s logistics passage and on the main arterial Sheikh Zayed Road, it is also connected by two Metro stations, JLT and Dubai Marina. DMCC free trade zone is an ideal location for company formation.

The DMCC Free Zone satisfies DMCC’s mandate to increase the flow of trade by providing the physical infrastructure for businesses and covering a range of commercial activities DMCC is the new center of the world and the center of possibility, opportunity, and growth.

DMCC is the fastest growing free zone of the region with 200-hectare waterfront development. Business setup made easy by DMCC in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) by business-friendly regulations and modern infrastructure and world-class service. JLT is home to one of the world’s leading businesses, diamond grading and storage, jewelry manufacturing, and gold refining centers. Company formation and business setup in JLT made it easier by DMCC. JLT has an excellent environment for work and lives a luxurious life.

DMCC Free Zone Services

DMCC free zone is the fastest growing zone as of March 2016 there are more than 11000 registered members in the free zone. DMCC made major changes to process registration and licensing which includes e-application processing, long term licensing options, and improved client relationship management.

DMCC free zone offers the following services for business setup.

Commodity Services: DMCC is the only international commodity center in the region. There are four main commodity groups:

Gold: DMCC has combined the refining, manufacturing, and trading of gold through a variation of products and services in Dubai.

Diamonds: The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) was established in 2004 to help the growth of the diamond and colored gems market by providing a secure trading environment. DDE helps manufacturers, traders, and other important entities in the diamond value chain to productively work from a transparent, secure platform.

Pearls: The Dubai Pearl Exchange (DPE) provides services for traders in pearls include salesrooms, customs duty facilitation, gem analysis center, vaults, market information, and devoted events like the World Pearl Forum.

Tea: The Dubai Tea Trading Centre (DTTC) is a facility located in proximity to the Dubai Ports (JAFZA). It provides a business center, temperature-controlled storage, packaging, blending solutions, tea tasting and professional advisory services for international tea producers and buyers

Financial Services: DMCC offers investors sophisticated financial products and has designed various strategic joint ventures to achieve this which include:

DCAM (Dubai Commodity Asset Management): It was established to develop as well as seed commodity-linked investment products for distribution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other markets.

DMCC property Services

Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a 200-hectare master development helping both business and residential facilities. Its 66 towers offer residential, office and retail property for occupancy and leasing.

Benefits of Business setup DMCC (Dubai Multi commodities center)

Like other Free zones in United Arab Emirates DMCC also provide several benefits to its member which helps investors around the world to set up their business in DMCC.

  • Business setup in DMCC will give you 100% ownership of your business
  • Business Setup in DMCC offers 100% capital repatriation
  • DMCC Free zone company formation will benefit you with 0% corporate tax
  • Business setup in DMCC will benefit you with key office solutions
  • DMCC Free zone business-friendly policies and regulations will benefit greatly to your business setup
  • DMCC offers luxuries and modern lifestyle
  • DMCC offers a family-friendly environment

Facilities of Business setup and company formation in DMCC (Dubai Multi commodities center) Free Zone

  • DMCC has world-class Jewellery manufacturing and gold refining centers
  • DMCC state of the art Diamond grading and storage facility
  • DMCC has independent, safe and secure vaults for diamond and other precious gems
  • DMCC is a strategic location near touching metro station and near to international airports
  • For your, DMCC has state of the art conference centers
  • For your Business setup, DMCC has state of the art serviced offices
  • DMCC Free zone has modern residential towers
  • For your business setup, DMCC free zone has modern commercial and retail centers
  • For your company formation, DMCC free zone has modern infrastructure and world-class servic

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