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Product Registration in Dubai UAE | Register Perfumes and Cosmetics

Adhering to regulations, cosmetics are substances primarily in contact with the external parts of the human body, such as hair and skin. The purposes of these substances include cleansing, altering appearance, protecting against odors, or perfuming these body parts.

Based on the provided definition, the following is a compilation of major cosmetic products eligible for registration in Dubai:

  1. Creams, mists, and gels for skin on hands, face, feet, etc.
  2. Face masks (excluding peeling products)
  3. Makeup powders, after-bath powders, hygienic powders, etc.
  4. Tinted bases in liquids, pastes, and powders
  5. Bath and shower preparations like salts, foams, and gels
  6. Perfumes, toilet deodorants, antiperspirants, and cologne
  7. Cleaning and conditioning products
  8. Shaving products such as creams, foams, and lotions
  9. Hair care products
  10. Bathing and tanning products
  11. Skin whitening products
  12. Products for external intimate hygiene and others
  • Cosmetic Registration Requirements in Dubai

    To register your cosmetic products, it is imperative to adhere to several precautionary measures. Compliance with these requirements is mandatory for conducting a cosmetic business in Dubai.

    Utilizing only safe and approved chemical and natural ingredients in cosmetics is essential. The use of any harmful or prohibited items renders the product unsuitable for registration in Dubai.

    Before importing, manufacturing, or selling any cosmetic product in the market, it is mandatory to obtain registration and licensing for the brand. The Cosmetic License is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

    For the import of any cosmetic product, all documents must be attested by the UAE embassy.

    Depending on the type of cosmetic product, you may need to submit documents and seek approval from multiple authorities.

    Steps for Cosmetics Registration

    The registration process for cosmetic products in Dubai is comprehensive, ensuring the quality and safety of each product in the market. The key steps in this procedure are as follows:

    1. The initial step involves obtaining a valid license based on the type of product through the Dubai Municipality portal.
    1. Subsequently, you will submit a Cosmetic Products Service Application (CPRE) and fulfill the necessary fee payment.
    1. The company’s representative will then complete forms for each product, with separate forms designated for each item.
    1. All required documentation will be submitted to the Dubai Municipality by the representative.
    1. If the product complies with Dubai Municipality regulations and the documentation is complete, it will be registered, and the system will automatically generate an electronic registration certificate.
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