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UAE has become a significant business center point in the world. The nation gives state-of-art business infrastructure and quality of life that attracts businesses and expats from around the world. Given the quick-moving environment, the power of attorney has become one of the most normally used documents depended upon by businesses and individuals to meet their daily needs.
The power of attorney is a legal document signed by an individual to allow another person to act on the principal’s behalf in front of third parties. Relying upon the nature of the power of attorney, the agent can normally be a family member, friend, employee, a partner or a lawyer.

Personal Power of Attorney vs Business Power of Attorney

It is essential to understand the distinction between a personal power of attorney and business power of attorney in the UAE.
The personal power of attorney is provided by a person to somebody, through which the principal grants specific or general powers to the agent. This type of power of attorney (POA) is frequently used by people to guarantee that work is carried out in circumstances, for example, disability or illness or when the principal is abroad or can’t be available to sign required legal documents.
A business power of attorney is provided by a company to somebody (a worker or a third party) to carry out specific or general transactions in the favor of the company.

Types of powers of attorney

For Individuals 

  • A general power of attorney
  • Special power of attorney

For Companies

  • General Manager power of attorney
  • Special power of attorney

Signing Process

The power of attorney is arranged in a bilingual format (English and Arabic). Arabic translation is compulsory, as the official language of the UAE is Arabic.
–Three originals of the power are signed/certify at the Notary Public’s office. The Notary Public registers the power of attorney and returns two originals to the principal.

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