Food Contact Materials Service &Certification Requirements ESMA

Food Contact Materials Product Registration | Dubai | UAE

To gain certification for food contact materials, an application, along with mandatory documents, must be submitted to ESMA either online or through product registration agents in Dubai. Subsequent steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Document Review: Officials conduct a thorough review of submitted documents, including an assessment of test reports conducted by an accredited laboratory.


  1. Product Evaluation: The product undergoes evaluation to determine its eligibility for the certification scheme in accordance with applicable standards.


  1. Document Correction: In cases of missing or invalid documents, ESMA requests additional information from the applicants.


  1. Safety Verification: Evaluation includes Product Safety Verification through test reports covering all safety parameters specified by applicable schemes/standards.


  1. Rectification of Non-Compliance: If test reports fail to comply with standards, applicants must rectify non-complying aspects.


  1. Re-Evaluation: The evaluation is repeated after the re-submission of documents or rectification of non-complying aspects.


  1. Certification Grant: Product certification is granted upon full compliance with applicable standards as demonstrated by evaluation results.


  1. Certificate Validity and Renewal: The certificate of conformity is valid for one year and can be renewed two months before its expiry.


For companies like MSZ Corporation in the UAE seeking to sell products in the market, obtaining ESMA product certification is imperative. Failure to do so restricts access to the UAE market, making the assistance of product registration consultants essential. Manufacturers, importers, and distributors of regulated products must acquire ESMA certification to enter the local market, understanding the nuances of the certification process is crucial.


Role of Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology


ESMA, established as a Federal UAE authority under UAE Federal Law (28), 2001, sets mandatory quality standards and technical requirements for products in the UAE. It oversees the certification process through technical committees covering various fields.


Mandatory Conformity Assessment Schemes


ESMA has implemented two main schemes to ensure compliance with National Standards for both local and imported products:


  1. Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS): Introduced in 2004, ECAS examines compliance with UAE standards for a wide range of products, including textiles, building materials, and agricultural products.


  1. Emirates Quality Mark (EQM): A mark of conformity granted to products meeting relevant UAE National Standards. Businesses can obtain an EQM licence through a comprehensive evaluation of both the product and the manufacturer’s quality system.


The EQM Certificate is crucial for shipment clearance by Port and Customs Authorities. While mandatory for specific products, EQM is optional for others regulated by ESMA in the UAE. Understanding and adhering to these schemes is essential for successful product certification in the UAE market.

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