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Dubai Media City was established in 2000 by the government of Dubai as the leading media hub of the region. Dubai Media City has over 20000 plus people working in over 2000 international and regional media companies. Dubai Media center has become a regional hub for Media companies which include publishing, online media, advertising agencies, production houses, newsgroups, and broadcast facilities.

Dubai Media city is part of Dubai holding and is a tax-free zone within Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It provides state of the art communication system, broadcasting facilities. This business hub’s vibrant environment helps communication, advertising, media, and marketing companies grow in a way making Dubai the most desirable place for the industry.

Company Formation in DMC: Media company formation at DMC provides advanced state of the art office space and a supportive atmosphere for media-related businesses to function globally out of Dubai. The DMC community includes some of the global and regional media giants such as CNN, CNBC, Thomson Reuters, MBC, Sony, OMD, Leo Burnett, ITP, and many more. 

For business setup in DMC free zone, commercial Office units are available in a range of sizes which gives the option to choose the space that suits their business, from freelancers, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to multinationals and international companies. Dubai Media City free zone is situated in the center of Dubai and provides its community with a place to work and live.

Dubai Media City Free Zone-based companies are licensed and registered by the Dubai creative clusters Authority (DCCA). For Business Setup the right legal structure needs to be selected. Depending on your needs there are several structures to choose from. 

Facilities of company formation in DMC

You can avail the following facilities after company formation in Dubai Media City 

  • DMC company formation facilities you with Commercial real estate facilities with its business centers and offices
  • DMC has Boutique villas with full utilities and ground floor parking
  • DMC Media Business center has Meeting/conference rooms, wireless internet, common areas
  • DMC company formation will facilities you with a car parking system
  • Advertising venue management services
Type of companies in DMC

Free Zone Limited Liability Company: At DMC free zone limited liability company (LLC.) is created as a separate legal entity, with shareholders as Corporates and/or individuals. The minimum requirement of capital for incorporation depends on business activity. 

For company formation you can choose from the following ownership types:

  • Free Zone-LLC with natural person as shareholder
  • Free Zone-LLC with corporate person as shareholder
  • Free Zone-LLC with natural and corporate person as shareholder

DMC Free Zone Branch Office: DMC Free Zone Branch office is considered a place of business that forms a legally dependent portion of the parent company. The branch office conducts all or some of the functions inherent in the parent’s business. Share capital is not required to form a DMC free zone branch office.

Freelance Permit: A Freelance permit in DMC free zone offers the ability to operate as a freelance professional. The permit recognizes you as a sole practitioner. It allows you to conduct your business in your birth name instead of a brand name. 

Type of Companies/Businesses at DMC free zone

Following are the type of companies one can set up in Dubai Media City free zone:

  • Business setup as Advertising and Communication
  • Business setup as Event Support Services
  • Business setup as Media and Marketing Services
  • Business setup as Media Support Services
  • Business setup as Media Consultancy
  • Business setup as Freelancers and Associations (Non-Profit)
  • Business setup as News Media
  • Business setup as Event Management and organization

DMC Free Zone Company Registration process: Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZ) approve the business setup and registration of DMC’s companies. DMC free zone company registration process is simple and easy.

  1. Step one is to submit an application of registration for approval
  2. Step two is to send legal documents for company registration
  3. Step three is to sign and return the customer confirmation letter with payment 
  4. Step four is to sign articles and memorandum of association 
  5. Step five is to Deposit of share capital 
  6. Step six is to sign a lease and personal sponsorship agreement
Benefits of company formation in DMC
  • Company formation in DMC free zone will benefit you with full foreign ownership.
  • Business setup in DMC free zone will benefit you with a 100% exemption from taxes.
  • Business setup in DMC free zone will benefit you with 100% profits and capital gains repatriation.
  • Company formation in DMC free zone will benefit you with 50 years of tax-free option on personal and corporate incomes.
  • Business setup in DMC free zone will benefit you with tax-free custom duties
  • The business set up in DMC has quick and simple registration procedures.
  • Company formation in DMC will provide you transparent company regulations.
  • Business setup in DMC free zone will get the benefits of non-stop residence and work permits services.

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