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Dubai is an enormous city that offers great investment chances; business here vary from domestic business investors, also international business investors. This continual development has taken an enormous part in the economy of the United Arab Emirates.

The Federal Law in the United Arab Emirates requires a 51% share with a UAE nationality or service agent that must be liable for you as a foreign investor. This sponsorship comes in two different ways; the mainland and free zones.

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Mainland: Using the mainland, a UAE nationality resident, a United Arab Emirates-based organization or business organization stands as a sponsor for your new business start-up. For you to start-up your business in Dubai using mainland sponsorship, it is obligatory to follow the federal law expressed above with the 51% – 49% partnership.

Mainland requires compulsory ownership for a legitimate license, this is just given out by an administrative authority which is known as “the Dubai Economic Development” (DED); a government organization that is liable for giving the business licenses, canceling the license, renewal, and also upgrading of the license. Dubai Economic Development operates in various areas for the investor’s quick application procedure.

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Advantages of choosing Mainland

  • 100% repatriation of Capital
  • 0% corporate and personal income taxes
  • It can have more than one branch
  • Possibility of wide a range of business activities
  • Plus foreign entrepreneurs are allowed to trade directly with the local market
  • Also, there is no limitation on the number of visas

Mainland Requirements for Business setup in UAE.

  • Least office space required for any company in mainland is 200 sq ft
  • Approval from the authorities is compulsory for any mainland company setup
  • In case if its professional license, foreign hold 100% of the business. Yet they have to assign a local sponsor (UAE nationality) for their assistance
  • Foreign company owners have to assign a local sponsor (UAE nationality). The local sponsor (UAE nationality) will hold 51% shares of the company and the company owner will hold 49% shares of the company

Free Zone: Regardless, if you want a professional service, the free zone acts as your sponsor or service agent. As an international businessperson that wishes to own a company, your best decision is the UAE free zones. The free zone, as the name implies as well as offers freedom in business; they additionally have specialists that offer the accompanying services: authentic strategies for your business start-up, planning organizations to enumerate your new business, valid license, also area selection, as well as a lot more business-oriented issues.

Advantages of Choosing Free Zone

  • No need to stress over a partnership with a UAE resident before you start-up your business.
  • Full access to your business organization with 100% proprietorship.
  • No limitation from various business activities.
  • 0% tax for personal income, and exception of corporate tax.
  • Custom grant import as well as export activities.
  • As well as Foreign investors get visa benefits with 3 years.

Free Zone Requirements for Business setup in UAE:

  • Business license; you should have a business license to operate given by the Free Zone Authority.
  • Office; As well as you should have an office in the Free Zone.
  • Share Capital; The Free Zone Authority has shown that you should have minimum share capital.
  • Shareholder, also, you should have at least one shareholder
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