Birth certificate and residence visa for newborn expatriates

Birth certificate and residence visa for newborn | Dubai | UAE
Birth certificate and residence visa for newborn expatriates: Residents living in the UAE have a maximum of 1 month (30 days) to register their child’s birth. If the parents of the child are of different nationalities, the child will be getting the father’s nationality.

To process the birth certificate for the newborn child, a parent should submit the accompanying identification documents to the hospital where the child is born, or to the related health authority in the emirate:

  • The discharge summary from the hospital
  • Birth notification details from the hospital
  • Husband’s passport and visa copy and original
  • Wife’s passport and visa copy and original
  • Marriage certificate attested and translated in Arabic if the marriage certificate is in other languages than Arabic

All foreigners should get birth certificates attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Health and Prevention. Birth certificates stamped by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) are equal to the seal of the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

UAE residents have only 3 months (120 days) from the birth of their child for arranging the proper documents which include birth certificate, Emirates ID, passport and visa for their newborn children. If the residence visa for the newborn baby isn’t finished inside 120 days, then a fee of AED100 each day would be charged for a per day over the 120-day time frame, and the child won’t be permitted to exit the country.

But if the birth certificate of the child is lost who was born in the UAE, you can request for the issuance of a replacement for an original birth certificate.

Required documents
  • Birth certificate copy, if any
  • Marriage certificate of the parent’s (must be attested)
  • Father’s passport and visa copy and original
  • Mother’s passport and visa copy and original
  • Father’s presence is required, or the father’s representative
  • ID card copy and original
  • Family book for nationals copy and original (where the mother of the child is not a national, her passport and valid visa are required)
  • Birth notification original with all related stamps
  • A Letter is required from the police station affirming the loss of the birth certificate
  • If the child’s parents are dead, the death certificate and legal notice are required
Conditions and requirements
  • Father’s and mother’s presence is required
  • You have to submit all the original documents
  • If the candidate for a replacement certificate is presently living abroad, original documents and Power of attorney of a representative assigned to collect the certificate or reports are required in addition to the intensity of lawyer of a delegate doled out to get the authentication, or a faxed letter showing his approval for that individual to collect the certificate for his behalf, stamped by the United Arab Emirates consulate in the candidate’s nation and indicating the code of the nation in which he is resident
  • Status review of the original certificate
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